OMG! The Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers! [Wealthy Affiliate 2019]

Do you like Black Friday shopping?

I used to hate it: hype, long lines in every store… exhausting! 

But now that I do almost all my shopping online, I love it! No standing in lines, no bustling, no rush, and every online store offers big discounts on everything! 

The only caution is not to buy more than is really needed, and not fall for poor quality just because it’s cheap. So, the important thing is to prepare in advance: read reviews, make choices and bookmark pages.

If Your Goal this year is to Start Earning Money Online,
This Black Friday Special is of Great Value for You.

Some great offers are repeated from year to year. Wealth Affiliate runs its Black Friday Deal 7th year in a row, but it was mentioned that this year could be the last one. Everyone who used this deal this year will be “grandfathered” and receive the same lowest price ever in the following years for as long as they choose to stay with WA. 

I’ve been in your shoes and know how difficult it is to decide on the right place to start: not to be ripped off and receive the best value you are looking for. Yes, this post is promotional, but I promote this event for YOUR advantage. This offer is time-sensitive and I don’t want you to miss it. 

If You Truly Want to Launch Your Own Online Venture, 
This Event Will Change Your Life. 

Black Friday Event Just Got Extended!

You have 3 more days (December 5th is the last day)
to take advantage of this exceptional offer,
but time is running out…
Hurry Up!
Upgrade to Premium Membership
to get this ridiculously low price for the endless resourses available for Premium members

The Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers! [Wealthy Affiliate 2019] -- WA Banner 49% off; only $0.82 per day
Click the banner to use the offer

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to create your own online business in the field of your interest: wellness, travel, music, education, pets, finances, or anything else. 

In modern times, the common factor for any type of business, even if it’s brick-and-mortar, is that its success depends on its presence on the Internet and any business needs to be promoted online.

The nature of the business you choose could be completely independent of Wealthy Affiliate, yet you will get from WA everything you need to establish its online space – from required knowledge to tools and powerful support.

Here is why I stopped any further research when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sharing my story because I assume that it’s not much different from yours, or at least you can relate. In the comments below this post, please tell me your journey so far…

In 2017, I was searching for ways to earn money online. Isn’t this what you are doing now? I needed an income that I could earn from home on my own schedule – so that I could also provide care to a family member with disabilities. Your reasons might be different, but whatever they are, you need flexibility which 9 to 5 job does not provide.

Like most of us, I came across several pure SCAMS ☑. I sense a scam easily – so, I didn’t fall for those.

The Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers! [Wealthy Affiliate 2019] -- get-rich-quick scheme.

Then, I found a few “learn affiliate marketing for free” offers, and decided to check them out since “free” doesn’t hurt whether it’s good or bad. A couple of them turned out to be just a promotional video showing how affiliate marketing can get me rich in no time, what kind of palace I could live in and what a fancy car I could drive. Yuck! Does this sound familiar to you?

Earning money is never quick and easy – I placed the “SCAM by the names of these companies also! 

One of the offers actually contained a free lesson – it was a basic introduction to affiliate marketing. Obviously, after this lesson even though I realized that affiliate marketing might be the way to go for me, I still didn’t know where to start and how to do it. Once the lesson ended, I was presented with a $99 offer to buy the next module. 

IF $99.00 were the total cost, it wouldn’t be too bad. But, how many modules are there? How much does the entire training cost? Of course, I realized from the moment I accepted this free offer that there is no way to receive the entire training for free. However, that was their promise. Why should I trust the company that lied to me from the very beginning?

I turned to Google again, now researching this particular company…  What I found was shocking: the company runs endless upsells, the prices for the following packages turned into 3-digit numbers, people were reporting spending thousands of dollars and still not getting what they were looking for in the first place. In my opinion, a reputable company should reveal the cost upfront. If not, I label it a SCAM ☑ also (legally, they might not be considered as a scam). Have you in your search come across companies that surprised you with many upsells?

On a positive note: while I was researching that last company, one reviewer mentioned Wealthy Affiliate as a much better alternative to it. So, I now continued on with Wealthy Affiliate research…

Wealthy Affiliate University

And here it was: all information about the features included in each type of the Wealthy Affiliate membership options (there were only 2) was presented, prices and payment options clearly outlined,  training topics and format explained… It was stated that Wealthy Affiliate does not offer any upsells, everything is included in Premium membership price, and the only additional purchase that is highly recommended is your own domain name for under $15 per year. There was no mentioning of any downsells either.

The two types of WA membership were: free Starter Membership and the Premium membership for $49/ mo; there was also an annual payment option, which brings the monthly price down to about $30.00. 

Of course, I jumped on the free offer immediately and was wowed at the moment I joined. There were no creepy promotional videos to watch. I was welcomed in the messages on my profile page by the reviewer whose link I used to join and by the owners themselves. 

I was offered a one week of full access to the Live Chat (otherwise, it’s a Premium option) and invited to meet the community. I was also offered an action-taker discount for the first month of the Premium membership if I upgraded within my first week: $19 for the first month instead of $49.

Free membership is given for a lifetime, but since it has limited access to the resources, I certainly wanted to upgrade if I decided to stay.

During my first week, I’ve taken the first 10 lessons available to Starter members, had my first website with initial content in it up and running. I also explored all the features available for Premium members. I couldn’t get inside of most of them, but I could see the topics and overview. 

I also visited the Live Chat, and was astonished!  People from all around the world were giving a helping hand to each other. You could ask any question and receive answers almost immediately. There were people chatting around the clock – 24/7: when Americas go to bed, Australia and Asia are fully awake and soon Europe joins in. I’m a night owl, I stayed up late and watched this happen.

After checking out future phases in the training course, exploring all the features, tools, platforms, and services, I thought that the price for it all was more than fair! So, I upgraded to Premium by the end of my first week with WA using the special offer for the first month. Thus, I’ve provided a low-loss exist for myself. In case as a Premium Member, I’ll discover that the reality is not as good as it seemed at first, I’d drop the membership after the first month and only lose $19.00.

The Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers! [Wealthy Affiliate 2019] -- My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Well, Wealthy Affiliate continued impressing me the whole following month. By the end of the month, I paid the full Premium fee for a year ahead. 

And then came November… Black Friday Deal was announced! That was NOT mentioned anywhere before. It was a pleasantly surprising downsell for me!!!

But I just paid the full price for the whole year. What a shame! I don’t want to lose what I paid and pay again (even at a lower rate). Can I not take advantage of the Black Friday deal? So, I used the Private Messaging Premium option and contacted Kyle, the owner, with my question. He replied explaining that the fee I paid will be prorated: the days I was a Premium member before the deal will be charged at a regular price, but once the deal is on, the rest of my money will be applied toward the new payment, and I won’t lose anything. Yay!

This year, I’ll be renewing my Premium Membership for the 3rd time – still the same price as 3 years ago, and it will be grandfathered even if the same deal will not be offered next year.

Black Friday Special Offer for
Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Black Friday Event Just Got Extended!

You have 3 more days (December 5th is the last day)
to take advantage of this exceptional offer,
but time is running out…
Hurry Up!
Upgrade to Premium Membership
to get this ridiculously low price for the endless resourses available for Premium members


November 29th –
December 2nd,
December 5th, 2019


(Non-members, Starter Members,
Premium Members paying monthly,
Premium Members paying yearly at full price)


$49/ month ($588.00/ year)


$299.00/ year

It’s 49% OFF or $289 Savings
$24.92 per month 

Only $0.82 per day!!!

Where else can you start a real business at a daily price less than a cup of coffee costs you? 

There are no upsells whatsoever. NONE!!! This is absolutely incredible!

The only extra you may want to pay in the future is for your own domain name. The cost is somewhere from $10 to $15 per year. It’s optional, but owning your domain is essential for your business. You can think of a domain name as your virtual real estate. It’s an asset that you own and have full control over. It’ll help in branding your business, will increase the value of your website, and rank better in Google.

The Value You’ll GET for $0.82/ Day:

1. Education

  • 2 in-depth step-by-step courses teaching affiliate marketing from basics up to an expert level – over 100 systematic lessons presented as text tutorials illustrated with complementing images, and video tutorial taught by Kyle, the co-founder of the company
    • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
    • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

  • Weekly Live Interactive Webinars
    WA Live Coach Jay, the expert in the industry, will blow your mind with the insights into bleeding-edge strategies and advance your skill set in every area of the industry.

  • Over 300 hours of the past live classes are recorded, published and accessible to Premium members at any time. This library alone is worth 100x the price of the membership.

  • 12 Classrooms, evolving daily
    These Classrooms contain thousands of training modules covering all different ways of building your business and monetizing it online. Here you’d be able to learn 
    • email marketing,
    • lead generation,
    • e-commerce,
    • drop shipping,
    • local marketing,
    • SEO,
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC),
    • AdSense,
    • Facebook ads, 

and much more.

Screenshot showing 3 of 12 WA classrooms.
3 of 12 available classrooms

Every day new training modules are being created by the experts in the community through the WA “community training” program. 

  • Earn Revenue by building your own training for the WA community
    After 3 months of being a Premium member, you’d gain the ability to give back to the community by building your own text and video tutorials as well as entire courses. This could be a way of subsidizing your entire WA membership cost.

  • Your Own Authority Wealthy Affiliate Blog
    You have your own WA profile blog where you can share your own experiences and your journey online. This is a good way to offer and find motivation, learn about other WA members successes, receive tips on the best strategies (in addition to everything available the training space)
    These blog posts are amongst the highest-ranked in the world and may become yet another source of revenue.
Screenshot of my WA Dashboard: Titles of Blog Posts Written by the Community Members.
My WA Dashboard: Titles of Blog Posts Written by the Community Members.

Take a pick at one of these articles you see in the image above.

It proves what I said at the beginning: people apply techniques and strategies learned at Wealthy Affiliate not only to their new online businesses but also to promote their local companies.

This is also an example of the WA Blog Post. Tracey wrote this post for our Wealthy Affiliate community.

2. A Website Platform

  • Up to 50 WordPress websites
    Your business will grow in time. Your traffic will grow and you may need more websites for yourself and your clients. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can host all your profitable websites. Your business will not outgrow the platform.

  • Choice of 3000+ beautiful designs
    You will have access to more than 3000 themes which are mobile-friendly and you’ll be able to find a design to suit any niche.

  • Premium members get access to over 51,000 feature add-ons, which can be used to enhance your website and turn it into a digital store or a membership site, add fonts and optimize images, create beautiful photo-galleries, manage social aspects of your business, etc.

  • Wealthy Affiliate’s 24/7/365 SiteSupport is incredibly helpful and unbeatable!
    Average response time is under 5 minutes.

  • SiteContent Platform
    If you write the content for your website using the WA SiteContent platform, you’ll get access to 1,000,000 free images, advanced Grammar & Spelling Correction tool, Plagiarism Checker, and templates for certain legal documents and specific types of your content.

  • SiteFeedback Platform
    Submit your website URL for feedback, and community members will visit your site and get back to you with their user experience and recommendations for improvements. The feedback you receive within Wealthy Affiliate is not visible to your site’s live visitors.

  • SiteComments Platform
    User engagement leads to better ranking in search engines. This is a “comment exchange” platform, where community members provide positive comments complementing your post’s content. These comments stay on your website and are visible to all your visitors.

  • Free Website Encryption (SSL Certificates)
    Websites with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates installed on them usually rank much better in search engines than non-SSL websites. Typically, SSL Certificates costs $50 per year, per domain. WA Premium members get them at no additional cost.
Websites and Web Hosting Features
Websites and Web Hosting Features

3. Web Hosting

WA takes care of the intricated technical process that provides secure and powerful hosting to your WordPress websites – so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Managed Monitoring
    A dedicated team of Server Administrators keeps an eye on your website(s) performance 24/7/365

  • Automated Monitoring
    A software layer that scans your website(s) set-up, finds hundreds of potentially critical issues and automatically fixes them to maximize your website’s performance, uptime, and security.

  • Virus & Malware protection
    Rest assured that with WA Managed Hosting your websites are protected through the SiteProtect platform and built-in virus/malware protection in our hosting.
  • Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites
    WA Premium hosting is comparable to $250-$300 per month hosting packages out there. You have access to the fastest servers in the industry. You also get layers of technology like SiteSpeed to make your website load faster and run more efficiently for your audience.

4. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is an advanced keyword and research platform. With Jaaxy you can uncover billions of low competition and highly relevant keywords with a click of a button. You can also discover lucrative niches, perform website analysis, find out your ranks in Google, Bing and Yahoo, and much more.

Click here or on the image below to read my detailed review of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool - logo

5. Affiliate Programs Platform

The Affiliate Programs platform is a new addition to WA. It was released in May 2019.  This platform allows members to search and find relevant affiliate programs, communicate feedback or reviews about particular affiliate programs they are involved with, and to follow and manage their list of programs they are interested in or involved with – all in one place.

Click here or on the image below to read the review.

The Affiliate Programs dashboard

6. Wealthy Affiliate Community

The largest and most helpful community of aspiring and successful Internet entrepreneurs in the world. Premium members have the ability to communicate and network with over 1.2 million online entrepreneurs, get expert mentoring and support.

A screenshot showing several members of the Wealthy Affiliate community.
Only a few members of my WA Network could fit this image

WA actively encourages “pay it forward” mentality via its Ambassador Program, which is the ultimate way to build clout, trust, and business relationships within the community at WA. Everyone can climb an internal ranks ladder by helping others and become an ambassador. As I mentioned earlier, this community never sleeps as it is spread around the world’s time zones.

The bottom line…

Congratulations! This is the end of your hustle searching for the training, tools, and other resources to launch your online lucrative business.

(if it’s not November 29th yet)

The Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers! [Wealthy Affiliate 2019] -- Join WA as a Starter Member

Black Friday Event Just Got Extended!

NOVEMBER 29th and DECEMBER 5th 2019

FOR $299.00 per YEAR

Hurry Up!
Upgrade to Premium Membership
to get this ridiculously low price for the endless resourses available for Premium members

If everything explained above still hasn’t convinced you that the training, features, and services offered at WA worth 100x the Price in this Special Offer, along with this year’s deal, the co-founders also included 4 never-seen-before bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything) He will answer members’ questions in the Live Class “The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020”
  • Bonus #2: The WhitePaper “Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020 “.
  • Bonus #3:  5 Weeks of Live Training: “Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020”
  • Bonus #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

and receive 2 additional bonuses from me personally

My Bonus #1: Getting Your Content to Rank (Checklist of Things to Verify Before You Publish a New Post).

My Bonus #2: Review and Feedback of Your First Website.

To claim these last 2 bonuses when you’re ready, simply send me a message using a Private Messaging System within Wealthy Affiliate.

There is no better and more fulfilling place for Internet Marketers than Wealthy Affiliate!!!

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments area below. I also look forward to reading your journey to online marketing, and any other feedback you may have.

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20 thoughts on “OMG! The Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers! [Wealthy Affiliate 2019]”

  1. This is an exciting, easy to read article.  What a great sale for anyone interested in beginning an internet business.  I took advantage of this sale last year and have been thrilled with that decision.  Your article lays out the rationale for taking advantage of the WA Black Friday deal.  It’s a fantastic opportunity.

    • Hi Anastazja,

      Thank you for your support of the view I presented in this post and for sharing your personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad that we agreed that this sale is amazing and taking advantage of it is the best decision for the beginning and advanced Internet marketers.

      All the best,

      ~ Julia

  2. Hi Julia, 

    You’ve done a great job here explaining the value and advantages of being a member here at Wealthy Affiliate. As I read your post I was reminded of all the wonderful benefits of this program. I never even really did much research prior to becoming a member it just sort of fell into my lap, and I’m so grateful It did.

    Please if you are considering starting up your own business take up the offer of the Black Friday promotion. You’ll never look back

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you so much for your comment. 

      You were really lucky to have this opportunity “falling into your lap” 🙂 Most of us put a great deal of research and some people got scammed multiple times before they found this diamond called “Wealthy Affiliate”.

      I’m very grateful to be a part of this community too.

      Warm regards,

      ~ Julia

  3. Thanks for summarizing such an honest review and for the precious explanations given.

    I am trying to work online by building an affiliate program in order to generate passive income, but I have been struggling with all types of scams. I wasted a lot of time thinking that in the end, I will make money.

    You gave me a confident reason to try Wealthy Affiliate. Black Friday discounts are the best.

    Do I have a discount for 6 months Premium Membership too?

    Thank you. Keep in touch.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for visiting my page and for the comment.

      Join Wealthy Affiliate, take lessons and work on your website as the tasks in the lessons prompt you to do, and you will earn money online for sure. The questions are how soon and how much. The answers totally depend on how much time and effort you’d be able to invest in your training and work on your blog: some people see first commissions in a few weeks, others – in several months, or even over a year. There are many success stories shared withing the WA community when people start from zero and using WA training, build their online businesses up to bring 5 and even top 6-digit yearly revenue.

      The Black Friday Deal implies yearly payment only. 

      6-moths payment option is available at any time for $234, which brings the monthly cost down to $39 compared to the month-by-month payment at $49/ mo

      Wishing you great success!

      ~ Julia

  4. Hmm…this deal sounds pretty phenomenal. I am ready to make a change to become a digital marketer. I do have a site going already, but I can use more training for it to become a wining site. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a large organization for people like to me get the training to get ahead. 

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Eric,

      Go for it! You won’t regret. For this Black Friday’s low price, you also get fast and secure web hosting for 25 sites. You can transfer your existing site to Wealthy Affiliate and thus save the price you pay for its current hosting services while receiving access to the wealth of knowledge, tools and helpful platforms, and the most supportive community.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      I wish you great success in your online venture.

      ~ Julia

  5. Wow!  That’s an amazing deal!  I’m jumping on that – oh, there’s a countdown…  This is harder to wait for than Christmas!

    That deal is so good, just the bonuses alone sound like they’re worth it.  That community aspect is a huge selling feature and the fact that you are willing to help new members just by messaging you is awesome!

    • Hi Rob,

      Thank you for the comment full of excitement. I agree that the deal is hot!

      I am glad that you were able to appreciate my point on an experienced and supportive community. I don’t know if it’s such a good “selling feature” as one needs to be in this community in order to experience how great it feels and how helpful people are… Since you paid attention, I hope the others will too.

      The company’s bonuses this year add a lot to the value. 2 bonuses that I offer from myself, I’ve chosen based on my personal experience. I printed the Checklist out and pinned it to the wall by my desk because I use it every time I publish a new post.

      I also remember that when I started and just created my first website, I wanted someone more experienced to look at it attentively and give me his/her honest feedback on my design, navigation, and first content that I created. It’s easier to make improvements while there isn’t much content yet than realize later that the visitors come but don’t stay long enough on your site, and then try to figure out why and fix the issues.

      Wishing you great success,

      ~ Julia

  6. Hi,

    I personally like Black Friday shopping, as long as it’s something I really need, not just shopping because it’s for sale. Just like you said, don’t buy stuff just because it’s cheap, but only what you truly need.

    Just like you, I need flexibility in my life. I’m not able to do 9 to 5 because of my own disabilities. I’ve always wanted to write for a living, but it’s very difficult to make a living as a freelance writer. These reasons brought me to Wealthy Affiliate. The answer was starting my own website!

    Of course, it’s a long journey making a profitable website, but Wealthy Affiliate offers you all the tools you need for making it happen. You’re right, making money is never quick or easy, unless you win in a lottery. I did fall for a make-money-online scam before I found WA. Fortunately, I only lost $49 for the scam instead of hundreds of dollars.

    If I wasn’t already a WA member, I would take the Black Friday offer right now! That’s insane value, and your extra bonuses make it even better. I’m a yearly member in WA, what I shame I didn’t join during Black Friday, but that’s my only regret.

    • Dear Kirsti,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that you were scammed! For a person with disabilities, even $49 could be harsh to lose to scumbags.

      Even though you paid your Premium membership upfront, you can still take advantage of the Black Friday deal without losing a penny. I’ve done the same. You must have missed this part in my post. Go find it right below my Premium picture, because it’ll save you money!

      Have fun shopping this Black Friday!
      Warm Regards,

      ~ Julia

      • Hi Julia, I did miss that part of your post. Now that I looked again, I can see you clearly wrote that EVERYONE can use this offer. Thank you so much for this information! I’m definitely going to use this wonderful offer, now that I know that old members are eligible too.


  7. I love Black Friday. It such an exciting moment for me to cut down costs on items I planned to purchase; that’s by the way.

    Just like you, this is why I settled with Wealthy Affiliate: no upsell, no fake promises, all the tools and software plus hosting available to launch and run a beautiful website just like yours (I love your website design) for just 82 cents per day for one long year. This is actually incredible, isn’t it?

    • Hello,

      As long as I don’t have to go anywhere and hustle around, I love Black Friday too! I love planned shopping on the Internet during this time.

      Thank you for complimenting my site’s design. Everything I’ve done here is a reflection of WA training and guidance. I used only tools and services available through my Premium Membership. We all have different tastes, and other visitors may not like my design ideas, but the beauty of using the WA platform is that the chose is huge: there are over 3,000 design templates available, and each can be customized further per personal taste.

      In my opinion, the value we are getting from WA worth much more than the price asked via this Special Offer.

      Thank you for stopping by. All the best to you,

      ~ Julia

  8. Hello Julia. One of my major goals for next year is to start my online business in order to earn some passive income online. I know I can do this but I really needed some help and the necessary tools and software needed to begin with this dream. I am so glad that the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal will be on this year, I will take advantage of it.


    • Hello,

      You won’t be sorry, I promise! 🙂 There are multiple ways to get help within the platform – just never hesitate to ask, and all the tools and services are at your fingertips.

      Thank you for your comment. Wishing you great success!

      ~ Julia

  9. Wealthy affiliate has a wonderful way of blessing its members like what I am seeing here. I haven’t seen such a platform and resources from any online package before. It’s unique. I want to ask if the management can extend the black Friday till next year? I know this may be a hard decision to make but please can you consider us out of your own discretion. Thank you.

    • Hi there,

      I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is unique; I haven’t seen so much for so little anywhere else.
      I have no word in decision-making. There is a chance that Kyle and Carson, the co-founders, will find it possible to run this deal for yet another (8th!) year, but there is no guarantee. I don’t want to take a chance and suggest to you to take advantage of it this year.

      Good luck to you in your business!

      ~ Julia


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