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HOW TO: Add a User In WordPress, Admin Login, User Roles in WordPress. Set Profile Picture on Gravatar.

[Guide for Beginners to Earning Money Online – Part 6] In this article, you’ll learn how to add a user in WordPress. You’d want to manage your website as a real person and not under a default ‘admin’ account. We’ll give this new user full administrative rights to manage your website. I’ll explain all available

Winning Tactics In Writing for a Blog [How To Write For A Blog Post]

[Guide for Beginners to Earning Money Online – Part 4] In this article, I’ll explain how to write for a blog post in order to attract the audience, gain trust among your readers, and optimize your content for the search engines to win authority. I’ll introduce some helpful tools and strategies for getting to know your

Creating Initial Content: How To Write a Blog Post About Yourself and a Privacy Policy Page.

[Guide for Beginners to Earning Money Online – Part 3] In this tutorial, we’ll start creating the initial content for our new blog. We’ll talk about the differences between a WordPress post and a page. I’ll show you how to convert a WordPress post to a page and vice versa. Don’t miss the video under
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