Kidazzler Review 2020. [All You Need Is Patience!]

Kidazzler Review 2020: Family water skiing

I joined Kidazzler in February 2019 accepting some risk and relying on my faith as very little was known back then about this new company. This Kidazzler Review 2020 is a structured and organized compilation of my personal observations of the company development for over a year and documented in this journal-type post. Understanding Kidazzler. … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020.

Wealthy Affiliate Review featured image - Start Your Business Today

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers numerous services for people around the world to start, run, and grow their online businesses. While it has its own affiliate program, only some members choose to participate in it. In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’ll cover in detail all the tools and services offered within the Starter and Premium memberships, … Read more

Is CTFO a Scam OR the Best Home-Based Business Solution?

So, is CTFO a scam? No, it is not a scam. CTFO is a legitimate network marketing company. And yet, there are many concerns for people to join an MLM business because of the historically low success rate reputation created by many MLM businesses. Please continue reading if you’re open-minded, not prone to stereotypes and would like to resolve some of your concerns regarding CTFO.

Working From Home on a Computer Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in the Neck

Working on a computer for many hours a day can be painful. In the long run, it can cause serious health problems. In order to avoid the most common computer-induced health conditions such as Musculoskeletal problems and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, people are looking for solutions such as ergonomic computer desks and chairs or stand-up desks. … Read more