Sole Proprietorship Taxes For Individual Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.

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Stacy B. Miller is a guest-writer at Connect with Stacy on Facebook and Twitter. She will also answer your questions and reply to your comments in the “Comments” field below this article.Disclaimer: Stacy has extensive experience in financial writing, but she is NOT a Certified Financial Planner or a Professional Tax Preparer. Her tips and ideas do … Read more

How To Budget Money On a Low Income & Importance of Building Emergency Fund.

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Since you found my blog, I assume that you struggle financially. You don’t have to, and I’ll show you how you could improve your financial situation and where to start. How to budget money on a low income is only one temporary aspect of the journey to financial freedom. You don’t need and don’t want … Read more

Have You Saved Enough Money for the Retirement?

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If You Haven’t Saved Enough Money for the Retirement, You Still Have a Chance to Live Happily Ever After. Are you saving for the retirement? Will you have enough money to live comfortably and enjoy your free time when you reach that age? Most of us are concerned with these questions. All Financial Advisers teach … Read more