Kidazzler Review 2020. [All You Need Is Patience!]

I joined Kidazzler in February 2019 accepting some risk and relying on my faith as very little was known back then about this new company. This Kidazzler Review 2020 is a structured and organized compilation of my personal observations of the company development for over a year and documented in this journal-type post.

Understanding Kidazzler.

Name:Kidazzler, Inc.
Headquarters:14900 W Magnolia Blvd, 57304, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, US
Price: FREE
Founder:Alex Rehman, Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founders:Julia Rehman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Koby Rehman, Chief Communications Officer
Rank:Star rating: 9 out of 10
Kidazzler Review 2020 - Founders.

“Kidazzler is a free parenting platform, built by parents for parents, that features a directory of family-friendly businesses, activities, merchants, and service providers.”

~ Kidazzler

Parenting is a wonderful but tough task. Julia and Alex, the co-founders of Kidazzler and parents of 2 children, were frustrated with the amount of time wasted on Google search, then following one link after another, making multiple phone calls to find the information they needed daily for their kids and their family. They started dreaming of having everything that a family may need in one place. They turned their dream into an idea of creating a ‘Kidazzler’ and set a goal to remove unneeded obstacles that complicate parenting even further. Kidazzler aims to eliminate the necessity of spending hours on searching for goods and services that families need and connect parents and businesses at the moment they need each other.

Kidazzler's Pledge to Give Back:
"We pledged to give a portion of our revenues to our community so that as many families as possible can experience the activities, services, and products that businesses in their communities offer.
- With our pledge to give back everyone benefits."

Furthermore, co-founders of Kidazzler realize that parenting itself is a full-time job, yet unpaid. Therefore, they built a Kidazzler Community and pledged to give a portion of Kidazzler’s revenues back to the community – so, that families could spend this extra money on experiencing the activities, services, and products offered by businesses in their communities.

This image outlines how the “Pledge to Give Back” works…

Kidazzler's “Pledge to Give Back”:
1. You add a business to Kidazzler
2. Business pays Kidazzler
3. Kidazzler pays You

Kidazzler Community already counts hundreds of thousands of members and it’s still growing fast. Kidazzler mobile application is free for all – not only for the registered members. Currently, there are over a million family-friendly businesses listed in the Kidazzler directory, thanks to the community members. The overall number of Kidazzler app users is rapidly growing.

Thus, Kidazzler offers to the businesses:

  • Free basic listing: claiming your business listing, adding photos, tagging your business in relevant categories, verifying your business information, adding the ‘About’ section, and business hours are all FREE.
  • Huge ready-to-take-action united consumer.
  • Dynamic and eye-catching featured ads under Kidazzler’s very affordable membership plans: business owners, who are interested in the ability to advertise, can select All-in-One packages that provide tools and enhancements to make their listings even more robust and stand out in Kidazzler.
  • The Kidazzler team promptly answers all questions and provides excellent support.

At the same time, Kidazzler offers to the public a free resource of everything that families with or without young kids may need in their community. Kidazzler’s Pledge to Give Back provides extra money to families that they could spend at these businesses.

Kidazzler is a very young company. It was founded in 2018. In Phase 1, the community had been adding businesses to the directory; the company had no revenue yet. In April 2019 Kidazzler entered its Phase 2 and its team started reaching out to the businesses added by the contributors. That’s when modest initial revenues started coming in. In the first year, the amounts of the rewards sent monthly by Kidazzler to the community contributors were also small. The free all-in-one directory was still in its development stage. It takes time to build a company of such a scale that covers most of the North American Continent.

The directory was launched in February of 2020. The sales team needs time to contact over a million businesses, often over 10 times each one of them, and the business owners also need time to learn about Kidazzler and make their decision. The Coronavirus pandemic, quarantine, and economic crisis have also slowed the pace. As more businesses choose to advertise with Kidazzler, the more revenue will come to Kidazzler and the more rewards will be sent out to the community, but this is not going to be a quick process.

Kidazzler is NOT your consistent and reliable income source – not any time soon! It’s NOT your online business opportunity either. It never claimed to be! If you understand Kidazzler correctly, it’s a great innovative company that wants to simplify some tasks of parenting, connect businesses with customers within the communities, and help families with some extra cash. Do NOT view Kidazzler as your only source of income and a complete solution for your financial struggle. If you set your attitude correctly, you’d appreciate the work this company does for us all and be happy to see the dollars in any amounts coming to your bank account.

As the company rolls out, their rewards will be more tangible for all participants. The model works only in this sequential order:

  1. The businesses pay Kidazzler.
  2. Kidazzler pays you.
  3. You use your local services and shop at local stores thus supporting the businesses in your community.

Kidazzler made a step further and invited its community to participate in their recently added programs. These programs are designed to speed up the process of connecting businesses with Kidazzler – so, that the sales could happen quicker and more often. These programs are discussed in detail below.

Kidazzler Business Model

As I mentioned in the introduction, I have followed Kidazzler since February 2019 while they were still in their 1st development stage – they called it “Phase 1”. Since their vision sounded too good to be true, and there was no proof that they would implement their ideas as they described them, questions like “Is Kidazzler a scam?”, “Is it just another pyramid scheme?”, “Is it an MLM?” would frequently come up.

It’s clear by now that Kidazzler is a legit company. Many members, including myself, have received some monetary rewards from Kidazzler. 

The owners of Kidazzler are truly creative, innovative, and hard-working. They came up with a new business model that includes and expands on several existing ones. There are bits and pieces from Revenue Sharing, MLM, and lately, Direct Sales models. The Kidazzler team used to call their business model “Shared Revenue Model”, but I don’t see this phrase coming from them for some time now. I explain it by the fact that it wasn’t a very accurate term, and there is no proper name for their innovation yet.

Kidazzler is not an MLM, even though their rewards plan includes 3-level distribution. The major difference from any Multi-Level Marketing company is that your success does NOT depend on the team you build, and you are not required to build the team at all. You may receive higher rewards contributing solo than those who built a large team. However, some pure luck is involved. I will explain more in the “How does Kidazzler work?” chapter.

What Kidazzler is NOT?

I can’t stress this enough: Kidazzler is not a solution for your immediate need for money. 

It may take a long time before you start receiving your monthly rewards, and even longer until these rewards grow to the meaningful amounts. There is a great potential of recurring cash payments coming to your account in the years to come in return for a simple contribution that I’m hesitating to call “work” because of how simple it is. Kidazzler is not a platform for impatient people who dropped in to make a quick buck. Kidazzler is also not for people who don’t have any other source of income and desperately need money right now. 

Kidazzler is not your own online business – don’t treat it as one! 

Being active and working together with Kidazzler on building our open directory may result in a substantial income stream. If you are working in a team with your friends, similarly to network marketing companies, it may feel like you are running your own business. However, you are running your branch under the Kidazzler umbrella: you are not flexible in choosing your own direction, you must follow Kidazzler’s guidelines and work within programs offered by the company. Your earnings potentially could be high, but they are limited. Don’t expect to ever reach the full “Potential Earnings” amount as you would see it in your profile: some businesses will join in, others never will, and yet others will drop their subscription.

If you’d like to be an independent business owner, you can start your truly own online business with unlimited earning potential on this platform that provides you with step-by-step training and everything you need to start and grow your business. They will host your website for you, but you are free to take it with you if or when you decide to leave.

Where is Kidazzler Available?

Currently, Kidazzler is available in the USA and Canada only. The vision of Kidazzler’s leaders is to expand to more countries worldwide once it’s well established in these two countries and continues to grow. 

Who is Kidazzler for? 

Check out this video for some entertainment and more information, and take a tour with me around my Kidazzler Dashboard.

Kidazzler is for everybody who is residing in, operating in, or traveling to the countries of their coverage (as of May 2020, the US and Canada only) and is 18 years old or older. In the long run, Kidazzler’s cash rewards may greatly supplement the income of its contributors. Kidazzler is for everybody, but if you are in urgent need of income, you need to continue looking because Kidazzler cannot help you financially quickly enough.

Kidazzler’s main focus is on families with kids and businesses of all sizes. However, nobody is restricted from participation and everyone can benefit. 

Kidazzler directory includes a broad range of business categories – basically, everything that is not “adults only”. My child is grown up and I don’t have any grandchildren, but I still use family-friendly products and services and I’m able to contribute to the Kidazzler directory in my spare time. 

Here is the list of business categories acceptable by Kidazzler:

  • Activities & Classes
  • Restaurants & Food
  • Childcare & Camps
  • Parties & Event Planning
  • Family Fun & Things To Do
  • Birth & Babies
  • Shopping
  • Health & Medical
  • Beauty, Hair & Skin Care
  • Education
  • Family & Parenting Services
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Home Based Products & Services
  • Local Services – huge on its own:
    • Home Services
    • Dry Cleaning & Alterations
    • Legal & Attorney Services
    • Contractors & Home Improvement
    • Embroidery & Custom Design
    • Accounting, Notary & Tax Prep
    • Insurance Services
    • Financial Services
    • Appraisal & Auction Services
    • Auto & Motorcycle Services
    • Copy, Print & Shipping Services
    • Garbage & Recycling Services
    • Housing Services
    • Moving & Storage Services
    • Repair Services
    • Religious Organizations
    • Rental Spaces & Services
    • Transportation Services
  • Pets
  • Special Needs
  • Travel & Leisure

Who Can benefit From Kidazzler?

Kidazzler offers several ways to contribute and it rewards its contributors. In order to become a contributor, one must be a member of the Kidazzler Community. Anyone with an invitation code can join for free. 

If you don’t have an invite code yet, you can use mine
by registering via this link.

The level of the monetary rewards depends on the option of participation you choose. The very basic option, which is open for ALL community members, also massively depends on pure luck (for an explanation, see “How Does Kidazzler Work?”), while applying and being accepted for a more active role will drive income corresponding to the work you do.  

One doesn’t need to contribute at all if (s)he only wants to benefit from the use of the free directory. All-in-one directory is open for all. Locals can easily explore their communities. Travelers will be able to find places to eat, stay in, sites of interest, and much more. 

All businesses entered by the community members will be listed for free in the directory and benefit from being available for those who are looking for them. 

Companies that decide to advertise with Kidazzler for a fee, affordable for any size of the business, will be able to showcase their products and services. They will be able to increase exposure and attract more customers. They will be given tools to offer deals, coupons, promote special events, create a custom business feed, display photos and videos.

Thus, Kidazzler is for:

  • Families with children
  • Families or individuals without children
  • Travelers
  • Businesses of all sizes

How does Kidazzler work?

Kidazzler mobile application and access to their public directory are free and open for all. There is no need to register or contribute to the directory growth.

People who want to contribute and receive rewards must be members of the Kidazzler Community.

Kidazzler Community is FREE to join, but it’s BY INVITATION ONLY. Every member is assigned a personal invitation code and is able (but not required!) to invite others to join using this code. 

To join today with my invitation code, click here.

There are several ways to contribute and many ways to get rewarded. Kidazzler makes the community a fun place to be by running various contests.

Kidazzler Main Contribution and Rewards Program.

This has been the original (and at first, the only one) way to contribute, which required a minimum of your time. It has been available for ALL community members.

  1. Find a family-friendly business that operates in the US or Canada
  2. Enter its name, phone number, exact street address for businesses that have a permanent location or city and state for mobile businesses 
  3. Start typing and then select a short description for the type of business from the category drop-down list.
  4. Optionally, add business website and email address
Steps to add a business to Kidazzler directory.

Once a member enters a business into the Kidazzler directory, it’s locked in this member’s name. Each business can only be entered once. The phone number is a unique field, and as soon as you enter the phone number, the system lets you know if this business is already locked by someone else.

However, the big companies with multiple locations are treated as separate businesses by their local phone number. For example, every shop of a franchise such as McDonald’s can be locked by different members. 

Kidazzler sets a limit on how many businesses the members can add and increases this limit periodically (usually, monthly). This is done with a purpose to prevent taking over the entire directory by one or a few most active members. Everyone gets equal opportunity during a certain time. 

At the time I joined the Kidazzler community, the limit was 45 entries per person. Back then, it took me only a couple of hours to top out my max as lots of organizations were not locked yet. But remember, that Kidazzler was still in its Phase 1: collecting the businesses, but only promising to reward the contributors in the future. Therefore, there was no guarantee that the time I spent was not wasted. It was an easier task at the beginning but assumed some faith and some risk.

Once a business has been added to the Kidazzler database by a member, an automated email has been sent to the address provided (if it was submitted), and the business could claim its free listing verifying its location and contact information. “Claimed” businesses still get only free basic listings in the Kidazzler directory; they are not paid “members” yet. Kidazzler can only pay its Community Members when businesses pay Kidazzler for their featured ads.

The community members also have an option to invite friends, and of course, joined friends have the same option.

The Main Program Compensation Plan

The compensation plan in this basic contribution option is:

  1. $10 per month is paid to a contributor for each added business that became an advertising member on Kidazzler.
  1. Plus, $2 monthly is paid for each business that becomes a paying member and is locked by the person’s immediate friend.
  1. In addition, $0.25 to $1 monthly will be paid for each advertising business that is locked by a friend of a friend in the teams of 15+ people. This reward becomes a full dollar per month when the size of the team reaches 75 members. 

The “Phase 2” started in April 2019. That’s when Kidazzler team (not the community members!) started contacting the businesses in their database with an invitation to become featured members for a fee. 

Community members, whose locked businesses opted in, received their first monetary rewards on May 1st, 2019.

As of May 2020, the current limit of businesses a person can have locked in his or her name is 270. Many members have been receiving their small monthly payments for over a year – before the directory was launched in February 2020. 

All payments were small so far because the directory went live only in February 2020 and then the Coronavirus pandemic happened. However, these payments are monthly, and the potential of earnings is high. If you worked without friends and topped out the 270 limit, your potential monthly income is $2,700, and even higher if you had a team. Eventually, more and more businesses will realize the value of paid advertisement with Kidazzler and join in. The company’s revenue will increase and your actual monthly earnings will go up, without you doing anything in addition. But the wait time is unknown, unless you take an active role and join one of the recently launched programs within Kidazzler. 

Otherwise, the timing of your earnings, greatly depends on your luck.

Relying on Ms. Fortune…

As I mentioned above, there is a big element of pure luck in this basic involvement option: you could spend many hours on building your team, searching and entering businesses and receive nothing or very little in return, while someone else could enter only a few businesses without inviting any friends at all and be rewarded higher than you.

Let’s say that you locked only 10 businesses, and one or more of your businesses got attention of the Kidazzler sales team at the early stage. The sales manager called your company and invited them to join as a featured member for a fee. By chance, your business agreed to participate and you’ve been paid $10 each month after they became a member, which comes to $120 within a year. 

But, if the Kidazzler team didn’t get to your business early, or the organization you locked opted out on participation at this first contact, you received nothing during this first year. The sales team is working with a database of businesses; they don’t pay attention to who added these businesses to the directory.

Companies that didn’t choose to participate, will be contacted again in the future, but you’d have to wait… Nothing depends on you in this situation; it’s pure luck. 

Let’s look into the real-life examples…

Ms. G.' Kidazzler app - profile screenshot: 0 friends, 65 businesses, 2 businesses signed up to advertise with Kidazzler.

On May 25, 2019, Ms. G. shared her profile screens with the community. She locked 65 businesses and didn’t invite any friends to join. This means that her potential earnings at that time were $650.00/ month. 2 of her businesses became members. Starting June 1st, 2019, she was paid $20/mo for her contribution. I don’t think Ms. G. even realized how lucky she was!

Ms. K. is one of the most active and enthusiastic members of the Kidazzler Community. As of May 29, 2019, she had about 300 friends in her team and maximum allowed businesses locked in her name (the first screenshot was made a little later, but it gives you a picture). Her potential earnings were over $20K/ month. Yet, only 3 of her own businesses opted-in at that time, and 11 businesses became paying members from all of her friends and friends of friends entries. Thus, K’s actual monthly rewards were $45, and despite all her efforts, not that much higher than G’s rewards.

Ms. K. profile screenshots: 313 friends, $20,025.00 potential earnings, $45/ month - actual earnings.

Ms. K. is definitely enthusiastic and truly focused on Kidazzler, but not as lucky as Ms. G. However, Ms. K. will be well rewarded for her dedication and commitment in the future; her work wasn’t wasted.

Julia's PayPal screenshot: earnings from Kidazzler

Unfortunately,  I haven’t made any screenshots of my own Kidazzler profile pages at about the same time. This image is from my PayPal records. 

In May of 2019, I had maximum allowed businesses added and around 150 friends. My rewards in 2019 were $2 a month: 2 businesses of friends of my friends became members. It’s better than nothing, and I’ve also won one of the Kidazzler’s contests. As you can see, Ms. Fortune only gave me a hint of a smile, and my total rewards during Kidazzler’s Phase 2 was only $49.00. 

I hope that you realize by now that this cannot be considered either your “online business” or “an income”. Kidazzler never claimed that it offers an income opportunity. Though, they may in the future since they’ve recently added more options to earn which are not live yet at the time of writing this review. 

Who do I recommend to become a contributor?

Even though this program was NOT designed to be anybody’s only source of income, it provides or will provide over time, some extra money that can be spent on people’s needs and their family fun. This program helps to circulate money within the communities: through Kidazzler, local businesses support residents by advertising on the Kidazzler platform and the residents spend the extra money they receive from such advertisements back in the same businesses. Compared to other advertising agencies, more money stays in the community because of the Kidazzler’s “Pledge to Give Back”.

I recommend to join Kidazzler and contribute to its directory by locking the businesses to: 

  1. People who are patients, supportive of Kidazzler’s initiative, and have other sources of income.
  2. Those, who want to participate in the recently added earning and reward programs within Kidazzler
    For the newly added programs, you’d need to apply. Some merits from being a member of the Kidazzler Community are preferred and even required in order for you to be accepted – see more info below.
  3. Mobile people who travel a lot locally and/or across the US and Canada.

    Finding businesses on Google Maps and using other online resources becomes more difficult and more time-consuming every day because a lot of them are already locked by another Community member. However, there are 32.5 million businesses registered in the US and over 1.2 million in Canada. Of course, not all of them are appropriate for the Kidazzler directory, but there are still lots of businesses that are a good fit for the all-in-one family-friendly directory and are not there yet. Many of these companies, especially the smallest ones, are either not using Google My Business at all, or are hard-to-find there.

    People who walk or ride a lot within their community and beyond could quickly and easily take pictures with their phones of business signs they pass by on their way. Then, while waiting in a doctor’s office, or while waiting for your child, who is in an afterschool class, or even in a store while standing in line, enter the info from the pictures you’ve taken into the Kidazzler mobile app. From my own experience, more of the businesses “I’ve met on my way” are still not locked by someone else than those I find searching online.
  4. This program is great for business owners who want to advertise with Kidazzler.
    As Kidazzler Community members, business owners can lock their own businesses. This means that a portion ($10.00/ month) of their business advertisement fee will come back to them in a form of monthly rewards making the advertisement fee not just affordable, but incredibly low.
  5. Kidazzler is an excellent choice for people with disabilities who receive Social Security checks.


Who do I NOT recommend this program for?

This option is not appropriate for people who are in urgent need for money. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, and not a get-rich opportunity in general. 

If you are looking for quick and easy money, you are in the wrong place as I don’t know of such an opportunity. I strongly believe that it doesn’t exist and I’m pretty confident that if you continue looking, you’ll get scammed and lose the last penny you have.

However, if you are looking for a consistent income in return to your hard work, time investment, and your commitment, please continue reading as one of the new Kidazzler’s programs could be a solution for your financial situation, even though it probably won’t make you rich.  

Another option is to start your own independent online business where you follow your own passion, set your own rules, and the sky’s a limit for your goals and earnings.
Read this review of a company that teaches you how to do it and provides you with the tools and services to build your online business, and your business can be totally unrelated to this company.

Building your own online business takes time and is also not an immediate financial solution. If you desperately need money right now, you should be looking for traditional employment or taking freelance projects. But if you have a source of income that keeps you afloat and you want to earn extra, then you can even join both programs. Join both platforms only if you can consistently dedicate at least 20 hours a week to building your online business and helping Kidazzler build its directory.

The Independent Kidazzler Sales Representatives

Announcement banner: Kidazzler hires Independent Sales Representatives.

On May 1st of 2020, Kidazzler announced that it hires independent sales representatives. This part comes from a direct sales model. The first round of application acceptance is now open.

This sounds like an opportunity to earn some tangible income, which will depend on your personal efforts and abilities.

These are commission-only positions. The number of openings is limited. One has to apply for the position and submit a resume or work experience. Being a member of the Kidazzler Community at the time of the application is not required, but you’ll have to join because your main prospects are the businesses you personally added to the directory. Selected candidates would have to interview via Zoom with Julia Rehman, Kidazzler’s VP of Sales. 

Sales experience is preferred but not required. Kidazzler team will provide training and support. The accepted representatives will be able to work from home on their own schedule.

Your prospects will include:

  1. Businesses you’ve added to Kidazzler
  2. By Kidazzler approval, businesses that your friends added
  3. Businesses assigned to you by Kidazzler

Commission structure:

  • Earn a one-time flat-fee commission when a business that is assigned to you as a prospect becomes a paying member of Kidazzler.
  • Earn a bonus for every 10 business you turned into paying members
  • Earn a double bonus when you close 50 and then 100 businesses
  • Receive additional bonuses for winning “The best of…” contests.

Join Kidazzler and get access to the video-recording of the webinar that explains the commission structure and bonuses in further detail. 

If the direct sales are not your thing, for an essential income that you can earn from any location on your own schedule, consider creating your own online business. Do not expect quick money, though! I want to make it crystal clear that I can’t recommend any quick and easy money opportunity; I don’t promote scams and scammers. Click here for the information on the best all-inclusive program that provides the necessary training, tools, and services for your independent online venture.

The Kidazzler Connect Program

The Kidazzler Connect Program banner

Kidazzler Connect Program was announced on May 13, 2020. At the time of me writing this post, the first round of application acceptance is open. It will close on May 29th. If the first experience shows good results, Kidazzler will accept more applications in the future.

Kidazzler Connect is designed to reduce the role of a chance in your rewards and allows you to take a more active role in the sales process, without selling.

Kidazzler Connect is something in between the basic passive participation and working as a sales rep. You must be a member with 50+ businesses locked in your name in order to apply for the “Connect”. The final decision on your acceptance is held by the Kidazzler team.

In a nutshell, participation in this program will help you get your businesses in front of the Kidazzler sales team quicker. You will not be required to sell the Kidazzler services – Kidazzler team will do the selling part.

The responsibility of the “Connect” participants will be to introduce Kidazzler to the businesses and businesses to Kidazzler, in other words – connect the two parties, which is reflected in the program’s name. Kidazzler will provide training, support, and resources to selected program participants. The “Connect” members will engage their assigned businesses in communication with the Kidazzler Sales team, and the Kidazzler sales managers will sell the advertising services – not you!

Similarly to the Kidazzler Independent Sales Reps, “Connect” program offers extra rewards and bonuses to its participants in addition to monthly $10 or $2 rewards explained in the main program section.

Here is only an excerpt from the full reward and bonuses plan:

$25 for each business that signs up for an annual plan

$12.50 – for each business that opts-in as a paid member on a semi-annual basis

$5 – for each business that signs up for 1-month membership

For every 10 businesses that become paid members (either monthly, semi-annual or annual), the “Connect” participant to whom these businesses are assigned will receive a $75.00 bonus.

To see the detailed Rewards and Bonuses plan, become a member of the Kidazzler community. 
Click here to JOIN for FREE NOW.

Kidazzler Pros & Cons


  • The Kidazzler directory is a helpful free resource for parents and everybody else.
  • Comprehensive and impressively looking, mobile, and dynamic advertisement platform
  • Honest, creative and innovative leaders 
  • Kidazzler’s Pledge to Give Back benefits local communities by connecting businesses with clients and giving consumers extra cash to spend at the local businesses.
  • Free to join the community as a contributor 
  • Free listing in the directory for businesses
  • Very affordable membership prices for businesses of all sizes
  • Active community support
  • Intensive support to all parties from the Kidazzler team
  • Various programs designed to offer different levels of involvement from the community members and their compensation.
  • Simple rewards plan with high potential in each program.


  • The company is very young and mistakes in building the organization and the technologically-advanced directory are unavoidable. Temporary glitches are possible here and there. Please be patient and report issues to the Kidazzler Support team.
  • An element of chance and possibly a long waiting time until receiving rewards for the contributors, who are not involved with one of the new programs. 
  • The numbers of participants in the Independent Sales Representatives and the Connect programs are limited and your acceptance is not guaranteed.
  • Kidazzler is not your own online business. With Kidazzler you can work from home, speed up and enhance your earnings by participating in its advanced programs, but your earnings are limited and you are not free in choosing your direction.


Kidazzler is getting a reputation of an amazing company pursuing great goals. It keeps its promises and creates opportunities that benefit everybody.

I encourage you to download the free Kidazzler mobile application and start exploring it right now. Kidazzler currently has a listing of over 1 million businesses, but once you start using the application and look around your neighbourhood, you’ll realize that many businesses are still not listed in the directory. That’s your chance to add them, but you must be a member of Kidazzler Community!

DO NOT JOIN Kidazzler unless you’ve attentively read this review, understood Kidazzler’s attitude, its goals and strategies, and realized that this is not a quick income opportunity.

Otherwise, JOIN Kidazzler for FREE NOW and be patient!
Explore and determine your desired level of involvement. 

If you are employed or own a business and you’re satisfied with your occupation, continue doing what you do and use your spare time on Kidazzler – as much as you can and want to dedicate to it.

If you are looking to start your own online business, and need guidance, check out the platform that provides you with step-by-step training, tools, powerful web hosting, and other services you’d need to launch and grow your business. At the same time, your business can be totally independent of this company, and you’ll take it with you if/when you feel like support is no longer needed and/or decide to switch your web hosting provider.

Diversifying your income streams is always a good idea. Contributing to Kidazzler can go well along with whatever you’re currently doing or planning to start. In addition to Kidazzler, consider to:


If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, please use the “Comments” field below. I’d be happy to hear from you and give you a hand.

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  • Kidazzler is a win-win for parents and businesses in every community.
  • Kidazzler’s Pledge to Give Back
  • Free to join the Community
  • Free listing for businesses and affordable membership plans
  • Free mobile app


  • An early stage of the company's development assumes more errors and imperfections.
  • A long waiting time for the rewards with an element of chance
  • Limitations in control and amount of earnings
  • Candidates must apply for participation in the advanced programs within the open enrollment period and be approved.

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  1. This is an amazing and super informative review. I did not know about Kidazzler, so this was so insightful and I’m very interested to check it out even more.

    • Hi Ashlee,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, this is a great idea and a great opportunity to create a very helpful resource together and get some extra money to spend on your family in your community and beyond. Definitely, check it out!

      All the best,

      ~ Julia

  2. My only concern is you “lock” in child-oriented businesses by sending Kidazzler their business info (name, number, address, website) and get a kickback if these businesses ever advertise on the site – they are basically farming out referral collections tho. Not trying to be negative but I saw this company awhile ago. It is my opinion.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. I didn’t find anything negative in your comment. If it’s negative, I probably don’t see your point… Absolutely, they collect referrals. The database we create becomes the collection of prospects. Then, the Kidazzler sales reps (and soon, Independent Sales Reps from the community) work off this database and when prospects turn into clients, Kidazzler pays the recurring commission to the contributors. What’s wrong with that?

      If you are referring to the collection of the names and emails of the community members, then this information is kept private, and during the 1.5 years of being a member, I haven’t seen any problems with that. Even the amount of my junk mail hasn’t increased since I’ve joined Kidazzler. Isn’t this similar to any blogger collecting email addresses of their visitors on their websites? The only difference is that a blogger will offer you a free one-time gift (or nothing at all) in exchange for your email, while Kidazzler pays you monthly monetary rewards.

      I find this discussion interesting and would really like to hear back from you again and further understand what negative you see in this scenario.

      All the best,

      ~ Julia

  3. I’ve recently heard of Kidazzler but honestly didn’t understand the concept. Thank you so much for explaining the process. I will check it out!

    • Hi Kristy,

      I’m glad you got some useful info from my post. I’m also glad that more and more people discover this company for themselves daily. I really want them to understand and be able to appreciate this awesome initiative. Yes, please, check it out. Good luck!

      ~ Julia

  4. Kidazzler sounds like such an amazing resource for parents! I don’t have kids myself, but friends who have littles, and I’ll be passing this info to them because I know they can use it. Especially as summer is here and things are starting to open back up.

    • Hi Erica,

      Kidazzler is useful for everybody – those who have young kids, grown-up kids, or don’t have kids at all. Have you seen how broad the range of its business categories is? Thank you for reading and passing this info to your friends. You may want to check it out more attentively for yourself as well.

      Take care,

      ~ Julia

  5. This is a really informative and detailed review. Kidazzler sounds like a really good source of income. It’s a shame that they haven’t expanded to the UK yet, but I will keep an eye on them and join once they do.

    • Hi Kat,

      Kidazzler could complement your existing income, but it’s not a source of income on its own – at least, not yet! Though… it’s a great opportunity to participate in creating something big and helpful together and get rewarded for your contribution. In the future, the monthly recurring rewards may grow pretty high…

      The leaders will learn from the mistakes made in the US and Canada and when Kidazzler gets to the UK, it will be stronger and better. Kidazzler grows fast, and I hope it won’t take them too long to start their establishment in your country.

      All the best,

      ~ Julia


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