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Have you heard the news? What about? Wealthy Affiliate just released a unique Affiliate Programs Platform, and it is available for all WA members, including Starter (FREE) Members. Getting a list of the highest paying affiliate programs in your niche and managing all the affiliate programs you are part of has never been made easier!

I said it straight up and right away!!! Perhaps, I should prepare you for the news by creating some mysterious atmosphere and raising your curiosity first… Well, I couldn’t hold it. 🙂 But, I only read the news and did not explore the new feature yet. I saved it to do together with you and will post the video below.

Would you like to find out more, though?
Are you familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, or a member already? If not, please click the banner below to read my detailed review. You’ll understand better why I love this company so much!

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It’ll be two years this summer since I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve written this review a little over a year ago. 7 months ago, I’ve fully updated it, because WA co-founders Carson & Kyle and their team are constantly working on enhancements for WA platforms and adding new features. Since January 2018, they’ve revamped User Experience, added security (SSL) to all our websites hosted at WA, made their system mobile-friendly, and more – all this was done at no cost for Starter members and no extra cost for Premium members.

A few days ago, Carson announced a launch of yet another new platform: Affiliate Programs.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Transparency - landscape through a clear glass

“The single most important ingredient in the recipe for success is transparency because transparency builds trust.”
– Denise Morrison

Wealthy Affiliate is the leading company in the Affiliate Marketing industry. It offers the most comprehensive training to all levels of marketers worldwide, empowers them with the most technologically advanced tools, and provides excellent support in all areas of online business. I am speaking this from my heart. I recommend this company to you because I sincerely believe you will find their services the most beneficial and the most cost-efficient.

I won’t rewrite the entire Wealthy Affiliate review in this post, but I’d like to highlight a few points that set WA ahead of all other companies.  

The WA co-founders Kyle & Carson.

A company’s environment, ethics, quality of offered products and services, and its development are the reflection of the characters of the founders.

Looking for Highest Paying Affiliate Programs? Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Now! -- Success, Honesty, Quality

Kyle and Carson are both well-educated, well-mannered, truly hard-working, organized and very productive individuals. They have innovative minds of entrepreneurs. They care about their business and their community. They maintain a high level of transparency in their business operation and thus earn the trust of the community. They personally prosper financially by offering more and better services to their members and fairly attracting more people to join, rather than baiting people in by deceiving promises. While the services offered by WA are rapidly improving and growing, the cost of the annual Premium membership hasn’t changed since the birth of the company in 2005. The Starter membership stays free despite all the additions.

Despite their huge workload, Kyle and Carson are part of the community they built and they made themselves accessible. You can catch up with Kyle in the WA Live Chat several times a week. Kyle is a presenter of the lessons in the training programs. He also runs on-going “Super Affiliate” training, where he writes up learning material for a month, creates tasks for every participant to complete in his/her business during the month, sends private messages, participates in the discussions, answers questions. Carson is working more behind the scene; he is running all the technology projects, and yet I often see his responses to the members’ questions in the blogs or classrooms, and greetings on members’ profiles.

I truly appreciate the modesty of WA co-founders. They don’t promote invasively their lifestyle to you suggesting that you will live this style as well if only you join WA. I am saying this because I’ve seen this technique used by other companies too many times. It really makes me sick! Kyle and Carson explain to newbies that the sources of your revenue in affiliate marketing are unlimited, the number of Internet users, who are your potential customers, is over 4 billion. Therefore, your own earnings can be as much as you set your mind to, but ‘setting your mind’ means commitment and dedicated work. Kyle and Carson never promise anyone quick and easy money; they don’t bait you by flashing packs of 100-dollar bills in front of your face.

Wealthy Affiliate runs its own high-paying Affiliate Program. The commission rate is close to 50%.

Las Vegas Super Wealthy Affiliate Conference

There is one upscale and flashy event that the WA co-founders run yearly, but they run it with and for the community members, the best WA affiliate marketers – “Super Affiliates”. Everyone in the community has an equal chance to be invited for this Super Affiliate conference in Las Vegas, but of course, it’s not easy at all to meet the requirements. The owners pay all the expenses for everybody invited. It’s the way for Kyle and Carson to thank their best affiliates and to reward them for their great work. The link above in this paragraph is to the story about this year’s (2019) conference told by a “Super Affiliate” Eric – a guy, who joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2017, just a few months before I did, and went to Vegas for the second time this year.

Services and Features Offered at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate: Affiliate Marketing Course.
  • Unbeatable training in all sorts of online business
    • Comprehensive courses with systematic lessons logically building up your knowledge and experience step-by-step. Lessons are in text format with video(s) where Kyle shows and tells you how he does things and what the best practices are. You can replay every lesson as many times as you need to understand the material well. There are practical tasks for you to complete at the end of each lesson. Completion of these tasks creates and moves forward YOUR business. That’s how you start earning while learning. Your questions are usually answered in minutes by the community members.
    • Weekly live webinars offered by Training Chief Jay, an online marketing consultant, who has vast experience in all aspects of Internet marketing.
    • Numerous classrooms and training modules for advanced marketers and for the beginners created by the community experts on every imaginable topic in all areas and all types of online business.
  • SiteRubix websites and web hosting platform.
    • Powerful and robust web hosting with free SSL and immediate emergency recovery system.
    • Website platform offers integrated tools for website management and analysis, WordPress CMS (Content Management System), multi-layer security, daily backups.
    • 24/7 Technical Support usually responding to your request in minutes.

You can create your free website with WA right now. Use the box below.

  • Jaaxy – the most powerful keyword research tool and keyword analysis platform.
    • The keyword search tool provides the monthly average number of searches, monthly traffic to the posts ranked on the first page in Search Engines,  Quoted Search Result – the number of competitors for this exact keyword, keyword quality indicator, and more
    • Brainstorm feature allows dissecting the most popular information, in-demand products, and search trends.
    • Alphabet Soup automated research techniques.
    • Site Rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Check out how helpful Jaaxy is for your online business. Enter your keyword below.

  • The largest and most helpful Internet Marketing community in the world that counts over 800,000 members from 195 countries.
Largest Worldwide Community
    • Pay-it-forward mentality.
    • Spam-free; occasional spammers are immediately removed.
    • Networking is available through the Live Chat, Private Messaging, WA internal blogging, Comments in the classrooms and on personal profile pages.
    • Help is usually available instantly as this community is active 24 hours a day because of geographical spread-out.

  • And now… Tah-Dah! Drumroll, please…
    Affiliate Programs platform, which I’ll talk about in more detail in the next section.

New WA ‘Affiliate Programs’ Platform

I’ve read Carson’s blog about the platform and saved doing the “unboxing” together with you. You see, I didn’t create a mystery cloud around the news at the beginning of my post, but I saved all the fun to share with you!

Per Carson, this WA Affiliate Programs platform version 1.0 was focused on establishing the core search functionality and management technology. In this first release, we should be able to:

  • Search any keyword and get a list of associated Affiliate Programs
  • Filter results based on
    • Commission rate – here you go! That’s how you should be able to find the highest paying Affiliate Programs
    • Payout option
    • Rating
    • Country
    • Auto Approval
    • Network Fee
  • Categorize the searches
  • Follow the programs of your interest
  • Easily discuss the programs with other WA members, learn from those who have experienced a program you are interested in.
  • Read reviews.
  • Provide your own feedback.

There is already a solid plan for the evolution of this platform. A number of enhancements are slated for the next 12-18 months. The most valuable and powerful goal that WA developers set for themselves is to connect Affiliate Programs managers with Affiliates.

I don’t think that any affiliate marketer would argue with the fact that there is no transparency between the merchant and the affiliate. All stakeholders will benefit from the bridge covering this gap.

Let’s see what the first release of the WA Affiliate Programs platform looks like and whether we’d be able to identify the highest paying affiliate programs using this new tool.

As we just discovered, this new platform enables you to search for the highest paying affiliate programs. We filtered the search for commission percentage over 40% and the dollar amount of your commission per sale over $70.00. We then sorted the results based on commission % in descending order. We didn’t set any additional filters. However, you could perform this same search with additional criteria such as your niche-related keyword.

Wealthy Affiliate Is a Platform for Your Success.

Road sign: Success Ahead.

The WA is evolving faster than the industry. Its platforms continuously enhance and innovate. It’s hard to keep up even by providing up-to-date reviews.

The founders are determined to equip marketers with the most efficient tools and most current information. They’ve reached a great level of success many years ago because they’ve been always focused on helping others to succeed more than on the dollar amount they can put in their own pocket. However, one naturally leads to the other: you care about your community, members stay with your company for years and new people join in.

Some people joined WA 5-10 ago as absolute beginners, and they now support and mentor newcomers while successfully running their own online business on WA platform. There are people who joined years ago and didn’t realize back then the gem they have found. They left looking for better opportunities and returned years later with regrets that they wasted so much time.

Don’t waste any more of your time. Start enjoying today all the services, tools and features Wealthy Affiliate provides for your success.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE

The starter membership is time-unlimited, and you’d always have a chance to upgrade to the Premium

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If you are serious about your business, you won’t regret, I promise!

Please shoot me a note with questions and your feedback in the comments field below.


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