Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It!

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You study or work a lot, have kids to take care of, your aging parents need your help… No matter how hard you work, you still barely make enough to pay your bills. There is not enough time in a day to fit in yet another job, and you’ve been already exhausted. You wish you could spend more time with your family rather than paying your hard-earned money to a babysitter or childcare program.
How do you get out of this perpetual cycle where you earn and give away a big portion of your earnings for the ability to earn?

You’ve heard of people making money online from the comfort of their home and even while they sleep. But how do they do it? 

It’s not as simple as it sounds, but very possible: making money while you sleep (residual income) requires time and focused work upfront. But to start such a business is much easier than you might think. You don’t need to be a web designer or a writer to create a website that earns you money over and over again for the work you’ve done once. Even computer-illiterate seniors and young teenagers can do it! If you are able to read and tell a story, you can do it! 

In this post, I will point you to the best place to receive your online digital marketing training, build and host your own website, and have all the required top-notch tools at your fingertips. This is the only place that offers multiple high-quality services and offers lots of useful tools for a very affordable fee and runs no upsells. Free Starter membership is also available.

Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple.

Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It!  [Upcoming Special Offer: 49% Off ] -- Digital Marketing graphics

Affiliate Marketing is the type of online digital marketing business where you need minimal equipment and investment. All you need is your home office, a computer, and Internet access. 

In the Affiliate Marketing business, you can choose the field (niche) that you’re passionate about. You don’t need storage space for your products, you don’t do shipping, don’t need to deal with the returns, don’t provide customer support, you don’t even need your own products. You promote online products or services offered by other people and companies and earn commissions.

Normally, your initial investment would include paying for education or mentorship, website hosting, tools to build your website, buying a keyword research tool and other tools which help you analyze and optimize your website’s performance. You’d want to allocate $2,000 – $3,000 if you are serious about building your affiliate marketing business. It’s a much lower investment than any brick-and-mortar business requires for start. 

Is it still hard to afford for you?
Here comes Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to your rescue!  

Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple - Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll explain the cost and how to get the lowest price ever a little later. Let’s first look at how WA makes it really simple to start your own online digital marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that offers its members everything they need to run their Affiliate Marketing business.

Click here to read my detailed and unbiased WA review.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of the company, created the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training course for all levels of marketers. It’s titled Online Entrepreneur Certification. The course consists of 50 lessons presented in 5 phases, 10 lessons per each block. The time you’d need to complete one lesson is somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. You can always return to each lesson if you need to review any or all of the lesson’s material.

Each next lesson derives from the previous one and builds up your knowledge based on the material you’ve already learned. The lesson’s format includes text tutorial, explanatory images, video(s), where Kyle walks you through the material, tasks to complete, and comments area for Q & A and feedback. After the 2nd lesson, each lesson’s tasks are oriented on helping you to build your online business. So, they are not just a scholar’s exercise, but the actual actions that your business requires for moving towards success. Thus, you’d be building your actual online affiliate marketing business and start earning simultaneously with learning.

Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple - Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate

Here is how you start:

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate (you can start today with the Free Starter Membership)
    Click on the image to create your FREE account
  • Start Online Entrepreneur Certification courses. In the Introduction video of lesson# 1, Kyle gives you an overview of the platform’s features and demonstrates navigation around the WA website – so, you’d know where to go and what to do next.
  • Learn with your own speed and ask a lot of questions: there are numerous ways to ask questions and receive answers from Kyle himself and from the community experts.
  • Complete all the tasks for each lesson.
  • In lesson# 3, the “niche” concept will be explained, and your task will be to choose a niche for your business.
  • In lesson# 4, you’ll build a website in 30 seconds. The website is a foundation of your future online business. 
  • Lesson# 6 introduces SEO – Search Engine Optimization concept, which will be your main focus during your entire journey in digital marketing.
  • As you complete tasks for lesson# 7, your website will be up and running with an initial content in it.
  • Lesson# 9 in the 1st (free) block explains how to choose quality keywords that drive traffic to your website through organic search (for free).
Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple -- Free Training Module: 10 lessons
Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – Level 1 – FREE
  • By the completion of all 10 lessons in the 1st level, you’ll get a good overall understanding of what’s involved in running your own blog and reaching success in online marketing. At this point, you can cut a red ribbon and announce the launch of your business
  • This is the time to be sure that you are a Premium member of WA. Now your advanced learning and rolling out your business begins, and free lessons end.
Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple -- Online Entrepreneur Certification Course - 5 Phases, 50 Lessons
Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – 5 Phases/ 50 Lessons
  • By the time you complete the entire affiliate marketing training course, you’ll have a stunning website that is likely to start bringing you revenue (depending on time and effort you contribute into building its content)

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Types and Features.

As I mentioned above, there is a FREE Starter membership. It’s called “Starter” because it has limited access to the literally endless resources available at WA. 

FREE Starter membership allows you to 

  • Explore WA platform
  • Take the first 10 lessons in phase 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification course and 10 lessons in a Bootcamp Course (the difference is in the niche you choose)
  • Get to know awesome WA community
  • Have time-limited access to the Live Chat
  • Create a website on the SiteRubix subdomain, but not on your own domain(s).
  • Make 30 FREE keyword searches in the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

Free membership is given to you for a lifetime. You don’t have to upgrade to Premium, but you’ll find out that you’d probably want to because the Premium membership opens up the entire WA platform with all its numerous resources.

I’ll mention just a couple of resources that are available for Premium members, but not for Starter members. You can see the detailed Membership Types Comparison table in my full WA Review.

As a Premium member you’d be able to:

Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple -- Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Icon
  • Get access to all 50 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification Course
  • Get access to 70 Lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Build and host up to 10 websites of any type: using your own domain name, on your future clients’ domains, or free websites on the SiteRubix subdomain.
    (note: 10 is a correct number starting March 16, 2020)
  • Have access to our weekly live webinars and archived recordings of them.
    This is a very helpful resource. Our live coach Jay does an amazing job sharing his wealth of knowledge and personal experience with the WA Premium members. The various topics he addresses in his webinars keep us up-to-date with the best practices, tools and techniques.
  • Unlimited access to the Live Chat – the fastest way to receive help from the community, have questions answered, and make like-minded friends.
  • Private way of communication with each other and with the owners.
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool is included with an unlimited number of searches

… and so much more.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that the owners constantly add new features, enhance technology, evolve their platform and services. Yet, they haven’t increased the annual membership price since the company was founded 14 years ago. Thus, every year we are getting a better value for the dollars we spend on our membership. 

Here are some of the most significant enhancements that WA made only in 2019:

  • New and Improved Email Platform for our websites
  • New Affiliate Programs Platform added
  • Improved Video Training UX and Speed for WA training
  • Industry-leading Image Optimization for all website
  • A new version of SiteComments Platform with the added ability to earn through commenting at WA.
  • Updated “Super Affiliate Challenge” – a special 12 months step-by-step training that Kyle runs the second year in a row.
  • New semi-annual payment option

In the upcoming year, Kyle, Carson, and their team are looking to

  • create state-of-the-art Lead Generation Platform,
  • make huge advancements in websites and hosting space,
  • add more revenue opportunities directly within WA,
  • upgrade SiteContent Platform with a focus on design and SEO,
  • and much more.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Pricing.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, to get all the pieces together on your own and start your online digital marketing business outside of Wealthy Affiliate will cost you about $2K – $3K. 

A monthly WA Premium Membership fee is $49 per month.
That is $588.00 for a year of everything you need to launch and run a successful online business. 

A new 6-months payment option was added this year for $234.00. It comes to $39/mo at a 20% discount compared to the monthly payments.

But, if you decide to purchase an annual membership, Wealthy Affiliate gives you a deeply discounted price: $359.00, which comes down to only $30/ mo (49% OFF). This price has not changed since 2005 when WA was founded as a membership site that only offered keyword lists to marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Discounts 2019

And the goodness doesn’t end here. Once a year, Wealthy Affiliate runs its special Black Friday deal offering Annual Premium Membership for only $299. That’s only $25 per month or $0.82 per day – less than a dollar per day, folks!

This is unheard of somewhere else!

If you’ve upgraded to the Premium Membership at an annual price some time far away from Black Friday – no problem! November comes, and you can still take advantage of the deal without losing any money: the unused amount of your payment will be applied toward the new price.

WA puts a lot of money and effort into making its platform all-inclusive and top-of-the-art. Yet, its price at the yearly payment option stays the same since the company was born.

The Bottom Line…

With the tools, training, support and one-on-one mentorship offered at Wealthy Affiliate, even a child or a grandma can start their own online marketing business. WA makes it that simple!

If you join Wealthy Affiliate now for FREE as a Starter member and upgrade within your first week, you’ll get your first month of the Premium Membership for only $19.00. Yes, to action-takers, I offer a $30 discount for the first month.

The combination of free membership, the discounted first month, and a $359 with the annual payment option thereafter is still the best offer on the market. Hopefully, the Black Friday deal will be offered again the next year (it now runs for 7 years in a row), and you’d be able to lower your fee even more.

I will be renewing my Premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate for the 3rd time and I’m not going anywhere for many more years to come. I’m so glad that I’m on the $299 per year plan!

In order to save the most money, you may wish to follow this plan of actions:

  1. Click the button to Join WA TODAY for FREE
Online Digital Marketing Training Made Simple -- Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE button
  1. Start learning and go through the first 10 free lessons. Familiarize yourself with the WA community, features and website navigation.

  2. Upgrade to Premium Membership within a week, and receive a bonus: $30 off of your payment for the first month: $19 instead of $49.

  3. Enjoy full access to a huge bank of information, tutorials and live webinars, various tools and services, a like-minded community of all levels of expertise, and excellent technical support. Continue learning and start earning!

  4. Optional: I recommend switching to the annual payment option after the first month is over. Thus, you’ll bring your following monthly cost down from $49/mo to only $29.92/mo

I am grateful to Wealthy Affiliate for everything I know today about online marketing. I’ve completed the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course a long time ago. However, there is so much more to benefit from: a lot of video and text tutorials are available for the Premium members on every topic you can think of in the online business, our expert live coach Jay runs weekly live webinars on various topics, my websites are hosted at WA, I continue using all the tools and resources available at WA at no additional cost, and when I need help or have questions, WA is the place where I find the answers.

As always, I’d highly appreciate your feedback. Please ask any questions you may have in the Comments field below.

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