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Updates on Kidazzler 12.05.2019 – Soft-Launch of Kidazzler Directory Soft-launch of new Kidazzler is planned for December 2019.In the video below, Julia Rehman, Kidazzler’s co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing, reveals roll-out details of the all-new Kidazzler! 10.28.2019 – Launch of Kidazzler Directory is Postponed. The launch of Kidazzler directory is postponed for 30

Working From Home on a Computer Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in the Neck

Working on a computer for many hours a day can be painful. In the long run, it can cause serious health problems. In order to avoid the most common computer-induced health conditions such as Musculoskeletal problems and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, people are looking for solutions such as ergonomic computer desks and chairs or stand-up desks.