What is Kidazzler? || Is Kidazzler a scam? – NO, it’s not!

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I’ve been watching Kidazzler since February 2019. Over this time, they proved themselves as a legitimate company with great ideas pursuing a good cause. This review is organized a bit chaotically because I had to write numerous updates as the plans and actions of Kidazzler progressed and were gradually revealed to the public. Therefore, I’ve … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal 2018.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn how to earn extra money from home on your spare time  or build a full-time powerful business. Wealthy Affiliate is a trustworthy company that provides an excellent training in online marketing. Its affiliate marketing for beginners course is FREE and open for all Starter members. However, to learn … Read more

Have You Saved Enough Money for the Retirement?

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If You Haven’t Saved Enough Money for the Retirement, You Still Have a Chance to Live Happily Ever After. Are you saving for the retirement? Will you have enough money to live comfortably and enjoy your free time when you reach that age? Most of us are concerned with these questions. All Financial Advisers teach … Read more