COVID 19 And The Elderly

Text: COVID 19 and The Elderly, silhouettes of 2 elderly people on the foreground and Coronavirus on the background.

In this article, I assembled all the safe and reasonable advice I’ve heard during this pandemic to reduce the risk of being infected, minimize the severity of the virus impact and protect our elderly population. I entitled this post  “COVID 19 And the Elderly” because the way some elderly people “understand” this epidemic and the … Read more

CTFO Review 2020

Featured Image with a few CTFO products and CTFO Review 2020 text

CTFO or Changing The Future Outcome is an MLM company offering CBD and non-CBD products. Please continue reading my unbiased CTFO Review to learn in detail about the company’s products, its income opportunity, and the compensation plan. Find out the pros and cons before deciding whether this would be a good choice for you to start … Read more

What is CBD Hemp Oil? | | What is cannabidiol oil for?

What is CBD Hemp Oil? | | What is cannabidiol oil for? -- Industrial Hemp Field

Already Familiar with CBD Hemp Oil? AND/ OR CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol; these two words are used interchangeably. This article will answer the following two questions in details: What is CBD hemp oil and What is cannabidiol oil for? What is CBD Hemp Oil and how to choose a high-quality Full Spectrum CBD … Read more

Is CTFO a Scam OR the Best Home-Based Business Solution?

So, is CTFO a scam? No, it is not a scam. CTFO is a legitimate network marketing company. And yet, there are many concerns for people to join an MLM business because of the historically low success rate reputation created by many MLM businesses. Please continue reading if you’re open-minded, not prone to stereotypes and would like to resolve some of your concerns regarding CTFO.