Is World Financial Group a Scam? [WFG Review]

WFG Review - Happy Kids Jumping in Swimsuits

Welcome to my World Financial Group Review! Never before I met WFG people, I’ve trusted an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) business model, which WFG utilizes. I thought that MLM and Pyramid Scheme were the same. However, I always try to stay open-minded, and instead of blindly declining an offer to join WFG, I’ve decided to watch, … Read more

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

Decorative featured image: Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

I have years of personal experience with both affiliate and network marketing. When making a decision on what to choose: affiliate marketing vs. network marketing, you’d want to know the pros and cons of each model and compare them side by side. I’ll help you identify the advantages and disadvantages and offer you a side-by-side … Read more