The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool || Jaaxy Review [Version 3.0]

The best SEO Keyword Research Tool. Jaaxy Review.
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Introducing Jaaxy – the best SEO Keyword Research Tool.

As an online business owner, you know that the role of quality keywords is highly important in SEO. Well-done keyword research and competition analysis will result in a high ranking by Google and other search engines. In turn, ranking on the first page of Google’s search results will bring you a lot of organic traffic. There are ways of analyzing and researching the keywords for your website manually. However, manual research may take many hours to perform. If you want to save time and get accurate results fast, Jaaxy would be your best choice. Below, I will explain my confident opinion that Jaaxy is the best SEO Keyword Research Tool.  Of course, you don’t have to rely on my word only! You’d be able to try it yourself — for FREE!

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an advanced yet easy to use keyword analysis and search engine ranking tool. It was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. The owners Kyle and Carson are successful entrepreneurs, who are also founders of the Wealthy Affiliate – the best all-inclusive platform to learn and build your online business. By the way, Jaaxy Lite edition with an unlimited number of keyword searches was recently added to the Premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate at no additional cost for the members. I am a Premium member of WA and use the Lite version. WA members also get discounts for the Pro and Enterprise Jaaxy editions.

Figure 1: Jaaxy menu
Figure 1 (click to enlarge): Jaaxy Menu.

Jaaxy is an incredibly helpful platform because it offers in one place everything bloggers and marketers need for choosing the keywords to rank high in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Using Jaaxy, you can do

  • Keyword Research & Management
  • Website Analysis
  • Niche Research and Refinement

Keyword Research and Management

First, let me say that the term “keyword” in marketing jargon refers not only to a single word that someone could search for but the entire phrase. So, if you typed in a search engine “the best SEO keyword research tool” and found my post, then the entire phrase was the keyword by which you came here, which happened to be my targeted keyword. I was writing this article with an intent to be ranked by Google, Bing, and Yahoo on this exact phrase.

However, each word and phrase in my post (and in every online article) is a keyword. If you found my site as a result of asking “what is Jaaxy” in Google, then this phrase was your “keyword” and Google happened to rank my page for it too. That’s just a made-up example. At the time of writing this text, my article was not even published yet, and I could not know what keywords Search Engines will rank it for. However, I used the Jaaxy platform to analyze several keyword options within a topic of my post and chose the most appealing one as my targeted keyword.

What do I mean by “an appealing” keyword? If you are just starting your business and your blog did not gain much authority among Internet users and search engines yet, then in order to be ranked in the search engines, you better aim for low competition keywords. That is a keyword, which  

  • Gets some monthly searches: receives 40+ requests per month.
  • Has low competition: fewer than 100 other websites are ranked for it.
  • Is grammatically correct.

Remember that you are writing for real people. Even though people may not use all the prepositions and grammatically correct phrases when searching for the subject of their interest, you won’t be able to use such phrases in your article. If you do, it’ll look ridiculous to your human readers. You probably won’t gain much authority in their eyes. Search engine bots are also becoming smarter and smarter every day – they will detect your trick and punish you for that.

Jaaxy gives you accurate information on the popularity of your chosen keyword and its competition. It also gives you more choices by providing related searches ideas.

In the picture below (Figure 2), you see what data Jaaxy returns when you enter a keyword. If you hover the mouse over the question mark in each header, it’ll show you the definition in the tooltip. I did that for the “Keyword” column in this screenshot. Let’s go over each field in the table.

Figure 2:  Jaaxy keyword search result table
Figure 2 (click to enlarge): Jaaxy Keyword Search Result Table
  1. Keyword – your searched and related keywords. The searched keyword in the picture above (Figure 2) was “benefits of CBD oil”. It’s in the first row in the table (covered by the tooltip). There are many more rows in this table. I took a screenshot only of the first couple. These other rows show related keywords suggested by Jaaxy.
  2. Avg – the average number of monthly searches for that keyword. The higher this number is, the better. For a low competition keyword, we want this number to be at least 40. As you can see in the first row of the picture, the keyword I searched for, gets 7898 hits per month. But, other numbers in this row suggest against choosing this keyword unless your blog has already earned high authority in the field. I’ll explain this shortly. The keyword suggested by Jaaxy on the second line (“benefits of CBD oil for horses”) gets searched by 88 people monthly. This number is above 40, which means that we should keep this keyword in mind for further analysis and consideration.
  3. Traffic – estimated monthly traffic. In other words, a number of clicks per month which your post gets if you achieved first-page ranking in Google.
  4. QSR – Quoted Search Result. This number shows how many competing pages there are on the Internet for this exact keyword phrase. I repeat: you want this phrase to be grammatically correct. The lower this number is, the better. For a low competition keyword, we’d like to keep this number under 100. In my search example for “benefits of CBD oil”, 241 QSR is a bit too high, and it would be harder and take longer to get this keyword ranked on the first page. That’s why I said above that this keyword might not be the best choice for us even though it gets high traffic.
  5. KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. KQI correlates with the QSR. I like numbers and pay more attention to QSR, but many people prefer relying on KQI as it gives a verbal and color-coded representation of the keyword quality. The options are:
    1. Great – green
    2. Normal – yellow/orange
    3. Poor – red
  6. SEO – SEO power score based on traffic and competition. Ideally, it would be 100. Our goal is to get it as close to a hundred as possible. Everything over 80 is considered a good score.
  7. Domains – Domain availability.
    This is useful when you start your website and choose an available domain name closely related to your future content.
    It’s also useful to know if there are already existing domains associated with the keyword you are trying to target. If there are, I would go and check the websites on these domains as they may cause your intended page a strong additional competition. As you can see in Figure 2, only domain is available.
    This means that .com and .org are owned by somebody else. I went to check and URLs. There are no websites. domain is listed for sale on GoDaddy as a Premium domain for $2,185.00. Since in this case, I was looking for a keyword for a single post and not for the domain name for my blog, it’s good that there is no content at the domains matching my keyword. At this time, they won’t create an additional complication should I still decide to target this keyword.

All column headers in the table are clickable; you can sort your search results by any field you want.

Not only Jaaxy returns a whole bunch of related keywords in the initial search, but it also offers related search ideas you can expand on. You can click on any phrase under “Related” header on the right-hand side of the screen and Jaaxy will perform a new search on the phrase you selected.

Jaaxy also offers you to use the Alphabet Soup technique is discovering new keyword ideas.

Figure 3: Alphabet Soup
Figure 3 (click to enlarge): Alphabet Soup

As you can see in Figure 3, under “Alphabet Soup” tab, you can enter your keyword, perform a search, and then move the slider to add any letter of the alphabet and get new long tail keywords that add a “tail” with your chosen letter in it. You can then add your newly chosen keywords to the Brainstorm queue, which will be discussed later or do yet another search.

Figure 4: Alphabet Soup Search Result Example
Figure 4 (click to enlarge): Alphabet Soup Search Result Example

When you use the keyword tool, you may end up researching stuff that you never thought you would and coming up with ideas that you never thought you would. That’s the beauty of having access to a very comprehensive keyword research platform like Jaaxy.

Jaaxy keeps a history of your searches. You can return to any of your last 10 searches right from the keywords search screen by clicking the “History” drop-down box located under the Search/ Keywords menu to the left from the “Find Keywords” button. You can view the full history of your searches by selecting the “Search History” menu at the top of the screen.

In Jaaxy, you can create your own lists and name them as you wish. This feature allows you to save, organize and categorize your keywords for future use – see Figure 5 below.

Figure 5: Saved Lists
Figure 5 (click to enlarge): Saved Lists

As I’ve already mentioned, while we research keywords for one article, we often get side-tracked by awesome Jaaxy’s suggestions and come up with new ideas and new great keywords for future posts. Some marketers prefer to purposely do their keyword research at once for more than one post. You can categorize and store all found keywords in the named lists.

When you are ready to move on to the next post, you can retrieve your saved list for this category and perform quick secondary analysis to select the perfect keyword out of the good ones you previously saved. As you can see in the screenshot above (Figure 5), you can export your lists in a plain text or in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, which then can be easily manipulated in the Microsoft Excel application. Jaaxy also allows you to manage the lists: view the content, rename a list if you wish, and delete the ones that are no longer needed.

You can now try your own keyword search — enter it in the field below.
Go ahead, it’s free!

Website Analysis

There are several functions within Jaaxy which you can leverage for your website analysis. Let’s take a look at the search analysis and site rank features.

Site Rank

Site Rank is the most powerful feature within Jaaxy which allows you to monitor and track rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for any website.

Figure 6: Site Rank
Figure 6 (click to enlarge): Site Rank

Under Site Rank/ Search menu you enter a keyword you want to find a ranking for and your (or your competitor’s) URL. Once you click “Search”, Jaaxy will anonymously search first 20 pages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and let you know almost instantly where your keyword is ranked (see Figure 6). If you are beyond the first 20 pages or 400 results, there is no point in knowing what your rank is because it’s too far; Jaaxy will tell you “not found”. Jaaxy performs an anonymous search which means that its results are not affected by your browser’s past history and are 100% accurate.

Jaaxy keeps your search history and shows you how the ranking for the keyword has changed since your previous search. A red arrow down shows that the ranking dropped, and a green arrow up will appear if your ranking improved. You can see in Figure 6 that on the right-hand side, it also gives you the number reflecting how many steps it moved up or down since your last inquiry.

In the screenshot above (Figure 6), you can see the search I’ve performed for my own website on “what is Kidazzler” keyword. In my previous search, this keyword was ranked in position 2 — right after Kidazzler’s own blog. This time, my ranking moved one step down, and this keyword is now in position 3 on Google.

I am still at the top of page 1 on Google, which is awesome! However, I am curious what the other site had done better to take over position 2.
Can Jaaxy help me find out? Yes, it can!

Analyzing the Search Results

Search Analysis feature allows you to reverse-engineer the top 10 results listing within,, and You enter any keyword to find out what sites are ranked under it and determine why they are ranked high. You can do this when choosing a keyword for your new post to see what the competition is, or you can do it for your existing post to analyze the change in the position of your post on this keyword since your previous search.

We’ve seen in the example above that my post moved one step down in the rank on “what is Kidazzler” keyword, and I was curious to see what my competitor has done to get ahead of me. In the screenshot below, you see my search analysis results on this same keyword.

Figure 7: Search Analysis.
Figure 7 (click to enlarge): Search Analysis

Jaaxy provides the following details on each of the top 10 websites:

  • URL
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords density
  • Total number of words on the page
  • Total number of the external and internal links of the page
  • Number of sites that link to this page (Back links)
  • Current Alexa rank
  • Whether the page has adsense ads

By comparing the data of my competitor’s and my posts, I can see that while his word count is lower than mine, he has 934 backlinks while my post has 0. I believe that this would be the main reason for his post getting ahead of mine in Google ranking. His Alexa ranking is pretty low, and even though my post is not ranked at all, I don’t think this would play a significant role.

Search Analysis within Jaaxy is a powerful tool that’s letting you see not only your ranking compared to others and insights of the specific details, but also allowing you to investigate your competition before you create your content for your new page or post on your website.  

Niche Research and Refinement

Jaaxy can help you with the research for your new niche and with an existing niche revelation as well. Let’s look at how you can become a niche expert using Jaaxy.

Brainstorming Niche Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for a new website, Jaaxy is an excellent tool to help you with that. Brainstorm feature brings you the hottest current trends from Google, Alexa, Twitter, and Amazon best sellers. You can select the topics of your interest from the table and add them to the Brainstorm Queue, or you can add your own ideas.

Figure 8:  Brainstorm Feature
Figure 8 (click to enlarge): Brainstorm Feature

Once you selected several of your initial ideas and added them to the Brainstorm queue, return to the Keyword Search tab (Figure 9) and on the right-hand side under the Brainstorm header, you’ll see all the ideas you’ve added to the queue. Now you can use one of these ideas as your niche and start searching keywords for this niche, or you can refine your niche ideas even further. All you’d need to do is to click on the item in the brainstorm queue, and Jaaxy will perform a search on this keyword and give you more suggestions.

Figure 9: Refining Your Niche Ideas
Figure 9 (click to enlarge): Refining Your Niche Ideas

Photo Equipment might be a bit too broad for a niche. To narrow it I down, I clicked on this item in the list. Jaaxy performed its search, and now I have more ideas in the Keyword Search table. I liked the “film photography equipment” idea, which would never occur to me without Jaaxy’s help. I wondered what Jaaxy would come up with if I requested the new search on this item simply by clicking on it in the table row. Performing such a series of searches is called ‘digging’.

Here is my new search result in Figure 10:

 Figure 10: Next Step in a Chain of Searches or "Digging"
Figure 10 (click to enlarge): Next Step in a Chain of Searches or “Digging”

Printing equipment, aerial photography — how cool is that! I’d better stop digging, or it would be impossible to make one choice within all these awesome ideas. 🙂

You may come up with your own niche ideas while shopping, reading a magazine, or doing something else outside of the house. Jaaxy is mobile-friendly and you can add these ideas to your Brainstorm queue right on the spot via any mobile device as long as you have an Internet connection.

Domains Feature

Once you’ve chosen your niche, you’d want to find a related domain for your new website. A lot of people like to have keyword-rich domains, and Jaaxy is brilliant at coming up with the domain names offering a visual presentation of what’s available and what’s not among the three best for getting ranked in search engines domain extensions, which are .com, .net and .org.

I’ve performed a domain name search for the ‘aerial photography equipment’ niche, which I’ve chosen from the previous search result example (Figure 10). As you can see in the screenshot below (Figure 11), .net and .org top-level domains are available for my new site, which is awesome. However, if I wanted to get a .com extension, I could choose, which might even be better as a domain name because it doesn’t change the meaning and it’s shorter.

“Find More” in the Domains column means that .com, .org and .net extensions are not available, but Jaaxy can find other close matches.

 Figure 11: Domains
Figure 11 (click to enlarge): Domains

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can click on the extension of my chosen domain name and I’d be redirected to SiteDomain within Wealthy Affiliate where I can immediately purchase the domain I chose, build and host my new website at no additional cost.

Researching Your Niche

With help of Jaaxy, you can expand on your research within a given niche assuming that you already have a website and looking for ideas for keywords and categories to build out your content which will lead to more traffic.

Using the same digging technique, you can start with a broad idea (the niche itself, for example) and narrow it down to the point where you find quality keywords for your future posts or pages. Don’t forget that Jaaxy offers many keywords similar to the one you searched for in the search results table, and it also provides a list of related keywords in the column on the right-hand side (Figure 12). Each column in the search result table is sortable.

Instead of replacing each previous search result with the following search, you can perform your subsequent searches in the separate tabs. Or, you can always return to your previous search by using search history drop-down box.

 Figure 12:  Researching Your Niche
Figure 12 (click to enlarge): Researching Your Niche

Once you found the keywords you like, you’d create a new list related to your current research and save your best keywords to it. Remember that your final search should always be on a keyword that makes sense grammatically.

Figure 13:  Final Search - Selected Keywords Saved
Figure 13 (click to enlarge): Final Search – Selected Keywords Saved

The series of screenshots I used in this review shows you that using Jaaxy I first found a niche for my new website, and then came up with an idea and excellent keywords for the post within this niche. It took me only a few minutes to do my research. If I had to perform all these functions in different places and do my analysis manually, it could take me hours.

Affiliate Programs Feature

Another useful feature within Jaaxy is Affiliate Programs lookup (Figure 14). When selecting your niche, you want to be sure that there are some good affiliate programs associated with that niche. While at some point you’d probably want to do thorough research on available affiliate programs within your niche, Jaaxy allows you to perform a quick check within 4 affiliate networks:

  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)
  • Rakuten LinkShare
  • Digital River
  • ClickBank

You can click on the link in the result set and access the website that has a product or service related to your niche (or any keyword you entered) and offers an affiliate program.

Figure 14:  Affiliate Programs Lookup
Figure 14 (click to enlarge): Affiliate Programs Lookup

This “Affiliate Programs” feature within Jaaxy was a seed for the owners of both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, to develop a powerful Affiliate Programs Platform, which they recently (in May of 2019) implemented within Wealthy Affiliate at no additional cost for the Premium members.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy offers its own affiliate program. You earn $20/ monthly per each referral who upgrades to Jaaxy Pro edition and $40/ monthly per each Enterprise referral (Figure 15).

Jaaxy Editions and Prices

Jaaxy 3.0 is available in 4 editions:

  1. Starter – FREE

This is your introduction to Jaaxy. You can perform 30 keyword searches and get a taste of Domain Search, Site Rank, Keyword Lists, and the Alphabet Soup features.

Click the Button to Try it Now.

Try Free Jaaxy Starter Edition

You’d be able to upgrade to any edition later.

  1. Lite – FREE with Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership
Jaaxy Lite edition integrated with Wealthy Affiliate

In December 2017 new Jaaxy Lite edition was released and integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform at no additional cost to the Premium WA members.

Jaaxy Lite includes unlimited keyword searches and gives access to many other features, some of which require an extra click or have limited functionality comparing to Pro and Enterprise editions. For example, Alphabet Soup feature returns only 10 suggestions per each letter, comparing to 15 with Pro and 50 with Enterprise edition.  However, all screenshots included in this review were made in the Lite version of Jaaxy.

  1. Pro – $49.00/ monthly ~OR~ $19/mo with WA Premium membership

Pro is the most popular edition of Jaaxy. It includes unlimited access to keyword searches and much more robust access to SiteRank feature. Pro version operates 2 times faster than Lite. It also includes a larger subset of search results and allows you to perform 2 keyword searches simultaneously in different tabs.

  1. Enterprise – $99.00/ monthly ~OR~ $49/mo with WA Premium membership

Enterprise edition is the most robust and fastest version of all. This is a dream platform for all internet marketers in terms of keyword and niche research and analysis of ranking in search engines. Jaaxy Enterprise is fully automated and allows up to 5 multi-threaded keyword searches.


Jaaxy Editions and Discounted Prices for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members
Jaaxy Editions and Discounted Prices for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members


  • Jaaxy offers many powerful features that are essential for the success of any Internet marketer or domain flipper. It was created for the Affiliate marketers by the Affiliate marketers, and therefore includes the most helpful in your business functions.
  • Jaaxy provides very accurate data.
  • Jaaxy User Experience design is intuitive and simple; there is almost no learning curve involved. As a matter of fact, this review can easily serve your needs for learning to use Jaaxy. However, training videos recorded by Kyle (the owner) are available under the Help menu.
  • Jaaxy Enterprise Edition is lightning-fast and fully automated.
  • Jaaxy is mobile-friendly.
  • Jaaxy has a free introduction version.
  • Jaaxy Lite is integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and is free for the WA Premium members.
  • Jaaxy offers a monthly-paying affiliate program with about a 40% commission rate.
  • Jaaxy has fast and reliable Support.


  • Jaaxy is monolingual: English only
  • Jaaxy cannot be targeted to an isolated geographical region. It performs only global searches.
  • Jaaxy training modules were not updated from version 2 when version 3.0 was released. However, the latest changes in User Experience design and overall functionality did not significantly affect the learning curve, and the video recordings made in version 2.0 are still very usable. All screenshots in this review were created in Jaaxy 3.0.

My Personal Opinion of Jaaxy

I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I use Jaaxy Lite for all my needs, and it doesn’t cost me an extra penny.

Jaaxy is my best friend. I don’t even notice how often I hop on Jaaxy for a quick check. That’s besides the regular thorough keyword research I do for my posts. I realized how much I depend on its help only when one feature became temporarily unavailable. Jaaxy tech support is amazing! When I notified them that something was malfunctioning, they replied immediately saying that they were already aware and working on it! The issue was fixed promptly.

With the special deal that I took advantage of, my WA premium membership costs me $25.00 per month. The regular price for WA membership is $49.00/ mo, or if you choose a yearly plan, it’s $359.00, which comes down to $30.00 per month. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership includes an awesome step-by-step training program in affiliate marketing and numerous training modules in all areas of online business. It also includes web hosting for 10 websites (either on your own domains or free websites on the SiteRubix subdomain). WA offers a WordPress content management system. The new Affiliate Programs platform, which I mentioned above, is included. Jaaxy Lite is included. Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise are deeply discounted for WA members. I truly believe that joining Wealthy Affiliate gives you the best value for the best price. Follow this link to read the full Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Today, I’m offering you the first month of WA Premium Membership for only $19.00 (you’ll save $30.00).

Click on the Image Below to Join Wealthy Affiliate Now.

Sign Up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

After your first month membership at the discounted price, you can choose your monthly or annual plan and once the special deal arrives, you’d be able to take advantage of it as well without any loss of money as WA applies your remaining balance towards the new plan.

I hope this review was helpful. I’d like to get your feedback.
Please leave your Questions and Comments below.

6 thoughts on “The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool || Jaaxy Review [Version 3.0]”

  1. I’ve now got to the point where I’ve read hundreds of articles on keyword research but I still fail at getting onto the first page of Google’s results. I follow the instructions, point by point, and still, I get nowhere near. It has to be down to the keyword tool I’m using. 

    I notice that this Jaaxy has a trial period of about 30 searches with it – how many articles do you think you could get out of this trial period alone?

    • Hi Chris,

      30 free searches are designed to give you a taste of Jaaxy – so, that you could experience the power and convenience of this platform. In order to run a successful business, you’d need to either join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member and get Jaaxy Lite at no additional cost, or purchase Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise edition. The number of articles you’d be able to write using the free trial can vary from just a couple to 30, depending on how deep you’d have to dig in order to find your perfect keyword.

      A great keyword research tool such as Jaaxy may help tremendously by providing data and suggestions and saving you a lot of time. It’s still up to you to analyze these results and suggestions, select the keywords in accordance with your knowledge of SEO requirements, write quality content and update your site frequently, get good communication going with your readers. It takes time to grow your site’s authority in the eyes of your human visitors and search engine bots. I addressed a few of SEO requirements and checkpoints in my review, but in order to get a comprehensive understanding of SEO techniques, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate (Jaaxy Lite is included) and taking their step-by-step training.

      Good luck with improving your ranking!

      ~ Julia

  2. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate so I have access to the Lite version of Jaaxy which gives me everything I need, I use it probably 10 times a day and don’t know how I can blog without it. It’s very easy to use, but sometimes it is a little bit slow in fetching results which can be annoying. 

    How do you join Wealthy Affiliate for $25? What deal did you take part in to give you that discount?

    • Thank you for reading my Jaaxy review and for your comment. I am always glad to hear from WA members as they know first-hand what I am talking about and hold me accountable for my words. 🙂

      I agree that at times, Jaaxy Lite could be a bit slow in retrieving the fields that require an additional click compared to Enterprise edition (QSR and Domains). It must have some limitations or there would be no reason to upgrade! LOL However, I’ve never experienced any delays in getting the keyword search result and related suggestions.

      The special deal I mentioned was Black Friday deal during the Thanksgiving US Holiday: $299/ yearly. Don’t you take advantage of it? I love it: make one-time low payment and enjoy membership benefits for the rest of the year, worry-free!

      Wishing you great success in your online business,

      ~ Julia

  3. I Love Jaaxy!  It has helped me narrow down on Keywords, that I haven’t been able to do before. 

    Thank you for showing the details on search analysis, I did not know you were able to find the details on word count, amount of links, etc. What a great way to see how your competition is doing in comparison to where you are ranked.  

    I was wondering, so if I become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I receive the free Lite subscription with Jaaxy?  It looks like on your Lite account you have access to all the different options which you mention in your post.  However, I was wondering, as far as the Jaaxy Affiliate program itself, is that available to all members, or just paid members?  

    Also what special deal did you receive to get Wealthy Affiliate at $25/month? Were they running a special at the time on annual membership? 

    Again thank you for this very detailed article on Jaaxy! I have learned some new techniques I didn’t know about and am very excited to try them out!


    • Hello Robert,

      Yes, the Search Analysis function allows you to spy on your competitors! 🙂 I am glad that my review helped you to discover yet another powerful feature within Jaaxy.

      Jaaxy Lite is included with WA Premium membership. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago, there was a very simple Keyword Search tool offered for free. It was somewhat helpful, but nothing comparing to Jaaxy. Then, just a few months later, a new version of Jaaxy was released and its Lite Edition was integrated into WA FREE to the members. WA Membership price hasn’t changed since the company was founded, but services and features multiplied many times. Isn’t that amazing?

      Jaaxy Affiliate Program is available to all Jaaxy and/or Wealthy Affiliate members (including free members).

      The special deal was $299/ Yearly for the Premium WA membership. It’s usually offered only for a couple of days around the US Holiday Thanksgiving (Black Friday).

      Thank you for reading my Jaaxy review and for your feedback.

      ~ Julia


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