Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal 2018.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn how to earn extra money from home on your spare time  or build a full-time powerful business. Wealthy Affiliate is a trustworthy company that provides an excellent training in online marketing. Its affiliate marketing for beginners course is FREE and open for all Starter members. However, to learn more advanced topics and techniques such as local SEO and eCommerce, and watch weekly live webinars, a Premium Membership is required. Now is the best time to purchase the Premium Membership as Wealthy Affiliate offers a huge discount as its Black Friday deal.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Would you turn down an opportunity to earn extra money? Even if you are happily employed, love your occupation, and your job pays you well, you wouldn’t mind having an additional stream of passive income, would you? I didn’t think so. Whether you want to dedicate a few hours after work and make a few extra bucks to spend on your travel or other hobbies, or you want to dedicate more hours within your own flexible schedule and create a powerful online business which will generate your main income stream, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start. Here is why:

  1. WA provides the best online education.
    1. It offers prerecorded courses. There are 50 lessons for the Premium Members in Online Entrepreneur Certification program and 70 lessons in Affiliate Bootcamp Training. Kyle, the co-founder of the company, is teaching these courses. Each lesson offers a video tutorial, a written version of the content, and practical assignments. There is a place to ask questions and quickly receive answers from the community members and coaches. The training gets updated regularly to keep up with the industry changes.
    2. WA provides weekly live interactive classes. Jay, the lead trainer, gives his expert insights on every imaginable topic in the industry. Every live class is stored and available to a Premium member for replay at any time. As a Premium Member, you are going to get access to over 300 hours of the past live classes.
    3. There are also 12 classrooms with more video and text tutorials. WA offers the most diverse subset of training in the world. Topics such as e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, adsense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc are covered in these classrooms.
  2. WA offers reliable website hosting – included with Premium Membership. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can host a total of 50 websites.
    1. 24/7/365 Managed monitoring
    2. 24/7/365 Automated monitoring
    3. 24/7/365 Site Support. Through this platform, Premium Members have direct access to the Server Administrators at any time of the day. Average response time is less than 5 minutes for all requests.
    4. Premium hosting gives you access to the fastest servers in the industry and provides layers of technology like SiteSpeed to make your website run faster and more efficient for your customers.
  3. WA offers tools to easily design and build your websites.
  4. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates (Website Encryption) are offered for FREE with your Premium Membership. Websites with SSL installed on them rank in search engines much better than non-SSL websites.
  5. WA offers website comments exchange platform for its Premium members. With the Site Comments, you can explode your website engagement, which leads to better rankings in search engines and to trust. Trust leads to conversions, and conversions lead to revenue.
  6. There is also a Site Feedback platform, which allows Premium members to request constructive criticism from the community. Real people visit your website and provide their feedback in respect to your design and/ or content, allowing you to efficiently improve your site for conversions.
  7. A powerful keyword research tool Jaaxy is included with your Premium Membership.
  8. Wealthy Affiliate world-wide altruistic community is the most helpful and caring community in the world. Members are able to communicate with 1.2 million entrepreneurs all around the world.
  9. Communication via Live Chat and Private Messaging with everyone, including founders, is available for the Premium members.
  10. WA offers mentoring and support from the founders Kyle & Carson and experienced members of the community. WA encourages members to help each other by introducing “pay it forward” Ambassador program, which is the ultimate way to build clout, trust and business relationships within the community at WA

A smart work producing a source of passive income.

Flowers and money - beauty and wealthAt Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn to work smart and generate a source of passive income. This means that you’ll be paid over and over again during a prolonged period for the work you’ve done only once. How many hours you dedicate to building your online business is your choice. Of course, if you work smart and hard, your earnings will be higher than if you could only spend 3-6 hours per week. But, even a few hours per week, if used smartly and effectively, will repeatedly bring you some income over a prolonged period.

There is an option to join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. There is no time limitation on Starter membership, but it gives access only to the basic resources and the first phase of the training. At any other time of the year, I would recommend using this option in order to get familiar with the company and its services and start learning the business. Today, however, I don’t want you to miss the deal that is only available once per year.

Wealthy Affiliate offers this exclusive deal on its Premium Membership only once per year. Act TODAY!

From November 23rd to November 26th, you can buy a year of Premium Membership for only $299.00, which is $25/ month and less than $1.00 (¢82) per day for the top 10 services and features listed above and many more, which I didn’t mention in this post. The full price for the Premium Membership is $49.00/ month. Multiply $49 by 12 months to see how much it comes up to per year. Yes! $588.00 yearly. You’ll get 49% OFF if you purchase your membership TODAY.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday $299 yearly membership offer

As a bonus to all who signs up on the first day – Friday, November 23rd, 2018 I offer my personal support and mentorship during the next year.

Many companies in the online marketing industry attract their members by the cheap first price – whether its membership or a purchase of a certain course… But then, new participants are required to make numerous additional purchases in order to learn the next step or acquire a software or service mandatory for the success. New members end up paying thousands of dollars and eventually give up because there are never-ending upsells.

I can assure you that with Wealthy Affiliate, there are no other purchases required to start and run your successful online business. You may want to spend another $10.00 per year on purchasing of your own domain name, but even that is optional. You can build your website on SiteRubix subdomain at no additional charge.

In Summary…

Whether you have a few hours per week, want to work from home part-time while taking care of someone or something, or want to build a powerful business and make it your main source of income, Wealthy Affiliate will help you start, keep you going and offer solutions to the roadblocks you may hit on your way to success. Accept this Black Friday deal and you’ll have ALL the tools you need to learn, launch, build and develop a successful online business.

If you have any questions or want to give a feedback, please use the “Comments” area below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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