What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing work from a home officeI owe some explanations to my friends and to all of you who landed on my page by searching some words on Google or Yahoo or Bing. I love and appreciate my friends, but if you got here through a search engine, at this moment I treasure you even more. This means “success” to me. My first tiny steps in learning to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) start showing some results. Yay!
Here is what’s going on… A few months ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA), where I first learned what “Affiliate Marketing” was. By now, I built two (check out the second one) websites using WA tools, instructions, and hosting, became an associate in 4 affiliate programs and networks, learned to implement eCommerce shop, found out what drop shipping was and established a direct partnership with one manufacturer-merchant.

Learning to Build an Online Business

Jaaxy - keyword research toolAt Wealthy Affiliate, I am learning how to utilize SEO – search engine optimization – to bring traffic to my sites. I am learning how to find and use attractive keywords, how to join affiliate programs, how to win an online competition and get ranked on the first page in Google, and how to effectively help people in my area of expertise (niche). To its Premium members, WA offers Jaaxy, Lite edition at no additional cost. Jaaxy is an advanced keyword research tool. Everybody else can try Jaaxy for free with first 30 searches available at no charge.

Overall, I am learning how to create a successful online business. The starting capital required to start my new venture was less than $500.00

If you got here because you were curious about how to make quick and easy money online and become rich overnight – please feel free to move on in your search if you wish to waste your time and money. I am sorry to disappoint you: there is no such thing as quick and easy money. If somebody promised you that, they lied. There are, however, many online scammers that want your money – so, they will tell you what you want to hear. If you believe them, you’ll end up only with a bigger hole in your pocket.

Wealthy Affiliate is not about “quick and easy” money. WA and its supportive and altruistic community will teach you how to build your online business and guide you to the success (you are the one to define your “success”). Your revenue depends on how much time and effort you put in your business. It can bring a few extra hundred of $$ per months, or make a good income for living.

The initial focus of training in WA is on Affiliate Marketing. But once a new member is comfortable with this concept, there is plenty of learning material for Premium members on other types of online and offline business. WA provides endless learning possibilities.

Online Marketing picture for What Is Affiliate Marketing subtitle. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Definition from Google Dictionary: “a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”

What does it mean to me as an affiliate marketer?

It means that I don’t need to have a product for sale. I don’t need a storage space to keep the merchandise. I don’t need to worry about shipping and handling. When I sell a merchant’s product, I receive an agreed commission.

What does it mean for the merchants?
It means that they don’t need to pay for an advertisement that may or may not bring them sales. They don’t need to guess upfront if an advertising campaign is going to be successful. They only pay an agreed percentage of the price of a product, when the product is actually sold.

It’s a win-win arrangement!

How Does It Work?

Why would people come to my website and buy from me rather than directly from a merchant?

Well, when you come to a physical store, you have an opportunity to see, smell, listen, touch, read all sides of the package, try on, turn on and press the buttons, etc. When we shop online, we lack most of the store options. We can only read and see the pictures or a video when available.

  • How loud is this vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer?
  • What’s the smell of this lipstick or a hand cream?
  • What’re the less common and yet interesting features of this smartwatch or an electronic toy?
  • How light is this coat or a comforter?
  • How clean is the sound of this speaker or a violin?

None of the above questions are usually answered in the short product description provided by a merchant. As an affiliate marketer, a consumer and an expert in my chosen niche, I know the actual product. I write a review, either positive, negative or mixed, and offer this review on my website. Not only I tell my visitors my insights and all the details on the product, I also share my overall knowledge on the subject.

If my niche was a photography, not only I would describe in details cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, and other photography related products, I would also advise on photography techniques, give useful tips on what equipment is best suitable in which environment, what backgrounds work best in what lighting situations, etc. Not only I will give an idea on a quality of a piece of photo equipment, I would also advise whether my visitor would need this piece of equipment at all in such-and-such settings. I would compare prices and suggest the best price for the quality. I may even create some training on my website.

I would educate the visitors of my website and help them make their decisions. That’s why they would come to my site and use my advice to shop the vendor. I need to show my visitors that I am an expert and they can trust me. To do so, I’d have to offer quality content on my website.

LiveWealthyRetirement.com offers smart income solutions.

What is Affiliate Marketing? It's growing money like flowers - humorous imageMy niche, my online business you are visiting right now, is called LiveWealthyRetirement.com. That’s because I have the knowledge, which I am willing to share with you, on how to financially supplement your living in your older age, even if you didn’t start your savings and retirement investments when you were young.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what age you are in: my money making solutions work for all age categories. They do require intense work, especially during the first year or two, but this work does not require you to be physically healthy (though, I wish you would be!) and it doesn’t require you to work full time.

Can you name a legit business that could be launched with as low as $500.00? I said, “supplement your living” in the first paragraph above… How about “make your living” and yes, wealthy living, in 2-3 years?

Affiliate Marketing, which you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate is only one part of the solution I can offer. There are many other types of online business that Premium members could discover and learn about at WA. Besides, while I was organizing my own family finances, I also made friends and studied financial planning and insurance with the World Financial Group. Today, I am a licensed insurance producer and will share many other tips with you in my future blogs. Please stay tuned.

What’s so special about Wealthy Affiliate?
It is all-inclusive, legit, hassle-free organization, that helps its members to build successful businesses with minimal investment. It unites over 850K active members from around the world. I’ve been a Premium member of this community for several months and had a chance to get to know it very well.

Read My Review and Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate

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