What is Kidazzler? || Is Kidazzler a scam?

I’ve been watching Kidazzler since February 2019. Over this time, they proved themselves as a legitimate company with great ideas pursuing a good cause.

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This review is organized a bit chaotically because I had to write numerous updates as the plans and actions of Kidazzler progressed and were gradually revealed to the public.

The 1st page contains the original review of Kidazzler written in February 2019, my doubts about its legitimacy and how I’ve decided to go about it.
I’ve chosen to not modify the content because you might find it interesting to see how little we knew almost a year ago (even the founder of Kidazzler was not to be found back then), and what an excellent progress Kidazzler has made during this past year.

It turned out that the cause of some lack of information was the limited experience rather than a desire to fool anybody or hide something from the public.

While Alex, Julia, and Koby, the co-founders of Kidazzler, are all well-educated business people, Kidazzler is their first venture of such a huge scale. They are overflooded with great ideas but they are also learning how to lead such a big community while working on all the other aspects of the new business. They now receive support from experienced investors and world-renown entrepreneurs.

Please be patient and kind. Kidazzler is going to thrive, and we all will benefit from its/our great directory of family-friendly businesses as well as financially.

Page 2 of this review lists by the dates all the updates I’ve made over time. Please check out how things evolved and my doubts dissolved.

I do show the most recent update on this first page to keep all my visitors up-to-date, and then repeat it on the 2nd page with all other updates.

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02.03.2020: Kidazzler Directory Is Launched!

Kidazzler Review (February 2019)

I decided to test yet another earnings opportunity. Unfortunately, you can’t wait for my results because then you’ll miss the opportunity altogether.

In this post I will do my best answering two questions:

  • What is Kidazzler?
  • Is Kidazzler a scam?

I will share with you my findings, but please be aware that I never claimed that this is a legit opportunity – I have no way of knowing. The time will speak for Kidazzler or against them. Please continue reading and if you decide that you can afford the risk, click here to sign up.

A cartoon picture of a happy family

If you find the overall idea of Kidazzler interesting, you don’t mind waiting for your actual earnings and are willing to join the Kidazzler’s community, I encourage you to also read bUnited review. It looks like Alex Rehman, the founder of Kidazzler, was inspired and motivated by bUnited’s idea. His project, while different in many ways, seemed to grow out of bUnited’s prototype.

What is Kidazzler?

A black boy learning to play guitar

Kidazzler is a mobile app and a website for parents. Kidazzler came up with the idea to launch a global directory for parents with places and activities for their kids: after-school education, sports, dance studios, arts and music classes, entertainment, restaurants, camps, pediatric services, daycares, clothing stores, toy stores, pet stores, and anything else that a family with children may be interested in. Basically, any child-friendly or family-friendly business will be listed in their directory. They claim that it will become a “One Place for Everything Kids” platform, a free parenting resource.

Kidazzler invites everybody to participate in building such a directory. There is no fee to join as a contributor. The company expects to earn revenue from the advertising businesses and reward everyone who participates in growing its directory and adds new listings to it with a share of it.

Kidazzler’s mission is honorable: they aim to offer, free of charge, a tremendous resource for all parents and help financially by introducing their “Shared Revenue Model” to those parents who decide to contribute.

Kidazzler blog: “Our goal is to reward as many parents as possible with a financial stake in the platform that we’re building together.”

How does it work?

Kidazzler announced two phases. They are currently in Phase 1, which runs through March 2019. Their directory is not launched to the public yet.

Kidazzler Phase 1

In phase one Kidazzler team and all the contributors build the directory, starting with the USA and Canada, but aiming to eventually expand globally. Until the end of phase 1, the directory will not be searchable. Contributors provide businesses’ names and contact information, Kidazzler team contacts the businesses and offers them to advertise on the Kidazzler platform.

Phase 2 starts in April 2019. That’s when the businesses which agreed to advertise with Kidazzler start paying their fees, the directory becomes searchable, and the contributors start getting paid their share.

What is Expected From the Contributors and What Reward is Promised to the Contributors?

Kidazzler: "How it works" -- steps for the contributors

By signing up for FREE and downloading the app the contributors add the businesses in the app (or on the Kidazzler website if not using a mobile device) starting in the area where they live or anywhere in the USA and Canada.

We, the contributors, are promised to earn $10.00 monthly from EACH business we put in which decided to sign up and be included in the Kidazzler global directory. At the time I joined Kidazzler, the maximum number of businesses I could “lock” in my name was 45. We don’t make any calls, we just find and add the businesses in the app or on the website. Multiple locations of the same business are considered individual businesses as soon as each location has its own unique phone number. The required information is a business name, phone number (must be unique!), and street address. Optionally, we can add a business email and website. Kidazzler staff will call the businesses about the possibility of placing their advertisement in the directory. Once one person added a business, it is locked under this person’s name. This means that another member cannot add the same business again. The unique key is the phone number of the business.

We can also invite friends to join under us and earn an additional $2.00 per business they add!

Basically, Kidazzler tells us that the company wants to share the revenue from the advertising businesses with us, their members and contributors. They claim that each one of us, as an active contributor, has a potential of earning up to $4,800.00 per month.

Is Kidazzler a scam?

The company’s idea sounds really good and the way they manage their business at this starting stage seems legitimate. While none of the members are formally getting paid in Phase 1, they run some drawings with small cash prizes to encourage members to actively grow their directory and their community. Scamadviser gives Kidazzler website high trust rating – 83%

Scamadviser results for Kidazzler: High Trust Rating 83%

My personal feeling after all the research I’ve done gave me a green light to sign up. The work of adding business contact information is not very time-consuming.

This gig definitely cannot be considered “a job”, not even a part-time job. It’s a small project that, if turns out to be legit, may supplement your income from another source. If you are looking for a meaningful online occupation that leads to a sustainable income, use this link to read about the place where you can be earning while learning.

My Kidazzler potential earnings as of February 8, 2019

So far, I spent about 1.5 hours of my time and added 20 businesses with their emails and websites (I visited each website to make sure I submit the correct information). I didn’t rush at all, and I am sure that many others could do the same amount of work quicker. I am planning to add 25 more businesses. The research of the company and writing of this article took me more time than all the work I’ve done so far directly for Kidazzler. I wrote this article to share my findings with you, my reader. It would be nice if you decided to sign up using my referral, but if not, I am okay with that too. I don’t want to lie to you. I’d rather show you a true picture and possible level of risk. If you don’t want to be scammed, join Wealthy Affiliate instead, an all-inclusive platform where you can learn all about affiliate marketing, build and host your own website, and run your own full-scale online business.

In my view, the worst that may happen to me in this venture is that either none of my proposed businesses will decide to advertise with Kidazzler (though, Kidazzler convincingly believes that their platform will be more attractive to businesses of all sizes, than what their competitors have to offer!) or Kidazzler turns out to be a pure scam artist, and will not pay anything to anybody, but instead will close the business at the end of phase 1, and reopen under a different name sometime later using our collected data. That last phrase is a totally made-up assumption based on nothing – I’m just trying to imagine the worst possible scenario 🙂 In that worst case, you and I will lose the time we invested. I don’t want to waste my time, and I don’t think this would happen, but if it does, I am prepared not to stress out too much over it. Honestly, if this family directory will ever be launched, I don’t mind contributing to it even if I was asked to volunteer. Even a non-guaranteed possibility of getting paid makes the mission even more attractive. Free access to a huge assembly of kids-related and family-oriented places and services is a really thoughtful and generous idea, isn’t it? I want to believe that such an honorable idea is not being used to scam people.

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In conclusion…

While it’s impossible to give 100% guarantee that Kidazzler is a legitimate company until they start paying out to their members, my research convinced me that the risk is minimal and in the worst-case scenario, the possible loss of invested time is tolerable. No financial loss is involved since it’s a FREE opportunity.  Basically, the main question is: should we do the work now and trust Kidazzler’s promise to pay us later? It’s up to you to decide… I lean toward trusting this company, and at the same time, I am prepared to be scammed.

Kids' Dance Performance - Dance School of Vivian Lessa

Do you think Kidazzler is trustworthy? Would you take this opportunity with a small chance to be scammed?

If so, use this button to join:  

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… and don’t forget to also read bUnited review. I found a lot of similarities in these two initiatives. Even some images in their promotional material look extremely similar.

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Please let me know in the comments below how you feel about this opportunity. I am interested to hear your opinion. If you are already a member and were lucky to win a prize, please tell us whether Kidazzler paid it to you promptly.

What is Kidazzler? || Is Kidazzler a scam? -- Proceed to the Next Page

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