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05.13.2020 – Kidazzler Connect Program Is Launched

Kidazzler Connect Program is designed for members who want to take a more active role in the sales process of their businesses, without selling. Members can use Kidazzler tools, resources, and strategies to get their businesses in front of the Kidazzler sales team so that the team can work with them to become ‘members.’ Training and support will be available for participating members.

This program offers Extra Cash Rewards & Bonuses for participating members. No Selling Required! Eligibility criteria: you must be a member of the Kidazzler community who contributed by adding at least 50 businesses to Kidazzler directory.

Join Kidazzler for Free

05.01.2020 – Kidazzler Opens Sales Position

In a nutshell, Kidazzler is hiring independent sales representatives to grow its advertising platform. Kidazzler sales representatives create their own work schedule and work from home. Online training and support will be offered by the Kidazzler team.

Compensation includes an attractive sales-based commission program and bonuses. Become a member and join the Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Private Facebook group to learn the commission and bonus structure and apply.

04.28.2020 – COVID-19 Update and New Programs Announcement

COVID-19 Update and New Programs Announcement

Julia Rehman, Kidazzler co-founder and VP of Sales, shares COVID-19 updates and announces new programs for members of our parenting community.To reserve your spot and sign up to receive more information about these programs see link in comments.

Posted by Kidazzler on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

02.03.2020 – Kidazzler Directory Is Live!

01.24.2020 – Launch of Kidazzler Directory

Today, Kidazzler has submitted the new App update for review and final approval to the Apple App and Google Play stores. Once they get the final approval from the stores and the Business Portal goes live, the Kidazzler team will start ramping up the marketing efforts to businesses.

For you as a member of the community and contributor, it means to watch out for your income increase as more businesses opt-in to have the featured ads in Kidazzler’s directory. If you haven’t topped the maximum of 150 businesses locked in your name, this is the time to do so!!!

…and if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click this orange button!

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12.05.2019 – Soft-Launch of Kidazzler Directory

Soft-launch of new Kidazzler is planned for December 2019.
In the video below, Julia Rehman, Kidazzler’s co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing, reveals roll-out details of the all-new Kidazzler!


10.28.2019 – Launch of Kidazzler Directory is Postponed.

The launch of the Kidazzler directory is postponed for 30 days. In the video below, the co-founder of Kidazzler, Julia Rehman, is explaining the reasons for the delay and asking all the community members to go back to the listings they’ve added and review the entries to make sure that the values are in the appropriate fields.


09.26.2019 – Directory Launch Date

Directory Launch Date:

October 29, 2019

Important Announcement by Alex Rehman, Founder and CEO of Kidazzler – Directory Launch Date!

08.07.2019 – “Top Influencer and Newbie” Contest.

"Top Influencer and Newbie" contest

“Top Influencer and Newbie” Contest
Join Kidazzler as soon as the contest starts and add 30 businesses ASAP for a chance to win $15.00. I’ll be notified of your work and submit our entry to Kidazzler. If we manage to do so within the first 45 claims, we both win $15/each.
Contest Starts: August 8 at 12 AM (PST) – all Newbies must join Kidazzler and add 30 businesses ASAP after this time.
Contest Ends: When all 45 team prizes are claimed. — The Contest has ended.

07.31.2019 – Kidazzler Decides to Keep The Referral Program.

Building Bridges. An Update from Kidazzler Team

The Referral Program (join by invitation only) is here to stay!!!
Click the thumbnails on the left (or wherever your device shows the “Building Bridges” picture) to read the update from Kidazzler Team.

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05.03.2019 – Kidazzler Made First Payments to the Community Members. The End of the Referral Program.

Kidazzler Payment Confirmation received by a member on May 1, 2019
Payment Confirmation received by a member
  • The major news is that Kidazzler community members, whose “locked” business(es) opted-in to advertise with Kidazzler in April, received their first payment on May 1st. There is a lot of excitement, positive energy and a sense of unity present in the Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Facebook group. The first amounts are low, but there is a lot of hope and joy. People are cheering and congratulating members who received their first reward.
  • The “Invite Only” feature will be disabled on August 1st, 2019. This means that until this date, new members are welcomed to join and invite their friends, “lock” businesses and receive recurring payments from the businesses’ advertisement fees locked by them and by their friends as described in Kidazzler’s rules. Starting August 1st, 2019, Kidazzler will be an open platform for anyone to use and benefit from. Per many members’ requests and enquires, Kidazzler team decided to “grandfather” the invitation feature for those who signed up before August 1st. This means that even after August 1st, these members will have the ability to continue inviting their friends and benefiting by “locking” their name to every business they add to Kidazzler.

Today, I am inviting you to join Kidazzler with more assurance that this business is real and its idea is honorable! Sign up before August 1st using the button below. Once you become a member, join Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Facebook group to be updated regularly, participate in all the fun activities and share the excitement.

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04.05.2019 – Kidazzler Continues Accepting New Members in Its Phase 2. New Features Roll Out.

Kidazzler still accepts new members and allows them to “lock” family-friendly businesses and refer friends. There are still many “unlocked” businesses. Feel free to click on the button above and sign up. Once you are in, join Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Facebook Group. Kidazzler team updates members on their actions in Phase 2 in this group. Below is a screenshot of an update posted in this group yesterday (04.04.2019)

Kidazzler Update 4.4.2019 - screenshot from the Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Facebook Group
Add Payment Info on Desktop

Kidazzler update for mobile app: Newsfeed. Comments and Likes

03.29.2019 – A Letter of Introduction from Alex Rehman, the founder and CEO of Kidazzler

Message from Alex Rehman, the founder and CEO of Kidazzler

I am a skeptic. “The hope that GOOD still exists in this world” (Alex’s quote) was the drive for me to join in. If in the end, this whole project turned out to be a scam, my biggest fear was not to lose the time I invested, but to lose that faith. I certainly wouldn’t lose faith in good people as I am lucky to have many in my life, but I would lose faith in honest entrepreneurs. I believe in Alex’s, good intentions and the good purpose of this project. I hope that they won’t let me lose my faith.

Once again, you, my dear reader, make your own choice and trust your own gut.

Please click here or on the image to read the message from Alex Rehman, the founder and CEO of Kidazzler

02.22.2019 – I Found Out Who the Founder of the Company Was…

I want to thank YOU, my reader and my website’s visitor, for giving your feedback. Your comments keep me on my toes and encourage me to think of new resources for more information and to continue with my research. So, please do keep those comments coming!

Today, while answering to the comment regarding validating Kidazzler’s website, I searched for the name of the founder of the company, and couldn’t find it. I sent a private message to Kidazzler on Facebook asking why they are thoroughly hiding the owners’ name, and what assurance could they give me that this company is NOT a SCAM.

A little child is sitting in the CEO Office chair.

In about 2 hours, I received a polite and detailed response from Jennifer, the Customer Service Representative.

First, Jennifer answered the “Founder” question. She wrote: “The names of the founders are not hidden. We don’t make an effort to publicize this information to protect their privacy, but we’re happy to answer this question when someone asks as we’ve done before in our Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Group on FB.” Then, she gave me the Kidazzler’s Founder and CEO full name. Since this is a public website, I’d like to respect their attempt to protect this person’s privacy, and therefore I will not publish his last name either. Everyone who is interested in this information can contact Kidazzler via the link I shared above or in the Facebook group that Jennifer mentioned. His first name is Alex.

I found Alex’s personal account on Facebook, and there was his letter to all his Facebook friends, dated December 20th, 2018 :

“Dear Friends!

Every day I talk to so many people across the country and I hear their stories of hardships. It’s sad to see so many people hurting and not having many options to make more money to improve their lives.

Even the people that have good-paying jobs also feel unhappy. The pressure of not having the freedom to do what they want and feeling stuck in their own un-ending cycle of working countless hours just to pay the bills can be overwhelming at times.

The way I see it everyone struggles in life. Stress and moments of depression hit everyone, no matter who you are, where you live or how much money you have.
Just because our circumstances may not be ideal today, DOESN’T MEAN that’s the way it has to stay.
Change is possible.

So I had this idea. Billions of people use many social platforms today, and we now understand just how important our daily participation is to their success. Every time we like, share, comment, login to these platforms, we help attract more and more businesses to advertise and spend millions or even billions in advertising dollars.

What if there was a way for all of us to do what we do on social media and continue being a part of the success story, while at the same time also being a part of the earning story?

I believe that with so much money in advertising today, there is plenty to go around to the company, users, investors, businesses, and everyone else.

From this belief, the idea for Kidazzler was born.”

Then, Alex continued his letter by explaining his Revenue Sharing model and summarized the Kidazzler’s idea with the following: “If I had to explain it in 4 words they would be: ‘Build Together. Earn Together.’ “

The fact that the real person behind this business is disclosed, adds another bit to my trust and, hopefully, yours too.

Kidazzler slogan: "We are strong. We are many. We are parents united."

In response to my second question, Jennifer wrote a long essay! There was much of repeating the public information of the company’s mission, its honorable goals, and an explanation of the overall idea of the “Revenue Sharing Model” again. I’d like to quote her here only on a few points. She wrote to me:

“I mean, generally speaking, scams require financial investments and never pay out. Kidazzler is free and we’ve already paid out thousands of dollars to our members through the Kidazzler Contests that we ran this month.”

“I assure you that we didn’t spend the last 2 years developing our platform and mobile apps, creating branding content, and acquiring trademarks and a provisional patent on our Revenue Sharing Model as part of an elaborate scam.”

“Kidazzler is not a job and it’s not a get rich overnight scheme. Kidazzler is an opportunity that will benefit all who use it and all who build it. [ … ]
To make $4,800 per month in residual income is life-changing. But for some people, $1000, $500, $300, $100, or even $50 extra per month can make a huge difference.”

The point of this update…

My additional research did not change my final statement: there is no way of guaranteeing that this business is legitimate until people start receiving their share of the revenue. However, my trust builds up on my new discovery and my personal experience communicating with Kidazzler’s representative. I hope that you, my reader, are feeling the same. If so, join Kidazzler while they are still in phase 1.

But, if you are an incorrigible skeptic, then you might be the only person whom you would trust. 🙂 No problem! Build your own online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, and you won’t be scammed for sure.

By the way, if you do decide to join Kidazzler, you are still welcome to join Wealthy Affiliate – these are two completely different opportunities, and one is not in the way of the other. You can manage both; they won’t interfere with each other. Happy earnings!

02.17.2019 – Kidazzler’s Notification “{BusinessName} claimed their listing” Explained.

Today, I received an email from Kidazzler. It explains a notification I see under the bell icon on my account page stating that one of the businesses I entered “has claimed their listing”. It only means that this business verified their name, phone number, and address I provided. They created a business account with Kidazzler for free.
The email states: “As we move on to Phase 2, businesses will get a chance to begin advertising on Kidazzler.  And when businesses “Locked” in your name pay us, we’ll pay you. That’s how our “Shared Revenue Model” works.”
This is not bad news, but unfortunately, the business didn’t pay to advertise just yet. We are still waiting for Phase 2.

A business claimed listing with Kidazzler

Kidazzler tells us that the directory grows quickly. Therefore, they are opening more space to provide an opportunity for parents to participate in Phase 1. The new maximum number of businesses a single member can add is 50 (5 more slots were recently added).

So far, Kidazzler’s behavior does not give any signs of a wrong intention: they stay in touch, they keep us updated, their website is functioning well, their actions are logical… While they don’t generate any revenue, they have nothing to share with us. It seems like they do more work than each of us does for them, and they also don’t produce any profit to be paid for their efforts. I am very hopeful that this company can be trusted.

"Locking" businesses with Kidazzler.

However, even if Kidazzler keeps all its promises, please don’t count on this opportunity as your main source of income. Sign up and do for them as much as your time permits. Don’t sacrifice any time required by your other obligations for this work. Remember that nobody can guarantee that the businesses you entered will choose to advertise with Kidazzler. Think of this venture as your possible supplemental passive income – not your main job.

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